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Guys love it!

I am not a big fan of any Fragrance oils, I prefer using essential oils to scent my products but but I got this as a sample and I fell in love with it. I used it in a small batch of CP soap for Christmas gifts and gave it to several men...they went crazy over it, begging me to make more for them! I do love Cedar Essential Oil and I found this fragrance very similar to Cedar wood Essential Oil but it's a bit softer, sweeter...nicer. I may be replacing my cedarwood essential oil line with this. I don't pick up on the Vanilla in this at all but it must be there to soften and sweeten the scent. I am female and I love this one as much as the guys do but than again, it's so close to the essential oil..and I love most essential oils.

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Lovely cedar and vanilla scent

I find this to smell primarily of cedar and vanilla and think the fragrance is lovely. I do not detect the vile notes mentioned by another reviewer, just woods and vanilla. The cedar is slightly ashy and dusty, perhaps why someone mentioned antique furniture. But I don't think it has the mustiness you'd think would be associated with an antique store. It's just dry slightly ashy cedar and not hamster cage cedar either, imo. I do not detect any rosewood so if you're looking for something to smell like rosewood EO, this is not it. However, it's a nice vanilla woodsy blend. Used in body products so cannot comment on CP soap.

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Clean Machine
Respectfully Disagree with Whoever Thought this Scent was a good idea.

I'm sorry, I'm a fan of dozens of your scents, and I'm vocal about the ones I love. This is not one of them. Whoever is trying to market this as a masculine woodsy smell has either never been outdoors, or has their nose plugged...this smells of decay, masked with vanilla. I honestly have never been so fervent about preventing people from buying this smell..It smells like a corpse masked with vanilla. I agree 100% with the post about antique furniture..I would to that, add neglected antique furniture that houses something that was once alive in its drawers.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. We love the earthy Vanilla Rosewood though you're right, it is a bit musky smelling as well, so I can understand if that's not for you. If you're looking for other woody blends you may prefer Vanilla Oak Fragrance Oil, Spiced Mahogany Fragrance Oil, or Cucumber Oak Fragrance Oil.

Antique Furniture

A year ago I used this in a cow's milk CP soap. I only scented half the batter and did a swirl to let the vanilla discolor the soap. That worked brilliantly, although I had some seepage to the uncolored side. The poor rating is because this seriously smells like antique furniture and that's not something that most people want to smell like. I just cut the soap up to try to rebatch it and add a complementary fragrance. It'll be my first try at that. Wish me luck!

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Amy! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. We love the masculine scent of our Vanilla Rosewood Fragrance Oil, though it is definitely a very woody smell. If you're wanting to bring out the vanilla more you may like it blended with the Vanilla Select Fragrance Oil!

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Love the smell, not very strong for me though

I really love this smell oob, but it really faded to almost nothing in my cp soap. I used 4oz in a 5 lb batch so it should have been plenty strong but it's just barely there. It seems to have kept its notes but too faint for me. We'll see how it sells!