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If you hate coconut like I do, you won't like this scent. However, customer service was wonderful in their efforts of mitigating my situation.

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Love it but not for Bath Bombs

I want to give this 5 stars for the scent, I really love it. I love all kind. s of vanilla and this one is definatly a keeper, I've used in melt and pour and lotion bars and smells amazing. I tried it in Bath Bombs and the bombs smelled amazing, until they get in the water, then just turns a kind of chemical smell, I have no idea why. So now what I do for scents I will use in Bath Bombs is I put a few drops in water and see how it smells, I've had a couple others that didn't work out also. This is a good way to test before wasting a whole batch of Bath Bombs! BTW the Cream Cheese Frosting was perfect in Bath Bombs and I will try all the vanillas they have here!

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Don't judge it in the bottle

This vanilla is absolutely wonderful! But don't judge it on how it smells in the bottle. In the bottle to me it smells weird and chemically, but as soon as it's put on testing paper or into anything, it smells wonderful. My favorite scent is to blend this with equal parts of 5 Fold Orange essential oil for a delicious creamsicle scent. I haven't tried it in cold process yet but in bath bombs and lotions it's absolutely amazing and such a great scent, and doesn't smell artificial!

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This smells amazing! It is a true, rich vanilla. I mixed this 50/50 with the Butter cream and snicker doodle and it smells like freshly baked cake, yum!

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Good vanilla type fragrance

This is my favorite vanilla type fragrance oil by a long shot! It's not really a true straight up vanilla smell as it has some serious buttercream and almost caramel undertones. I'm not complaining though because it's great! All by itself or as a blending oil. I've used it to soften up some of my pointier smelling essential oil blends and it's perfect!