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better than vanilla cybilla

scent was richer out of the bottle than vanilla cybilla. I never use vanilla alone so it is hard for me to compare it in cold process. So far the best vanilla

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Did not discolor?

I might be the only person who used this, depending upon it to discolor...and it did not! The dark brown that I was counting on is, 24 hours later, a light cream color. Would have been fine had I not been counting on discoloration to be in keeping with the theme. Does it take a while to turn?

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Spot on

The fragrance is amazing. It does discolor to brown in CP soap, but what decent vanilla doesn't? The trick is to make sure you mix very well, otherwise the brown is uneven. I will start adding brown pigment (probably cocoa powder) to ensure even coloring. The fragrance as it ages gets more floral. It's very nice!

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Smells delicious!

Perfect vanilla smell...smells just like vanilla frosting. I use it for body butter. It will turn soap dark brown so I don't use it for my soaps anymore.

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The smell was below average to me and my soap discolored to black

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Vanilla fragrance oils will usually discolor due to their vanillin content. Find out more in our "Why Did my Soap Turn Brown?" blog post. If you are looking for a more complex vanilla scent you may prefer Vanilla Bean Fragrance Oil though it will still go brown, if you're looking for something that does not do that the only vanilla option would be Vanilla, Non-Discoloring Fragrance Oil.