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This smells amazing! It is a true, rich vanilla. I mixed this 50/50 with the Butter cream and snicker doodle and it smells like freshly baked cake, yum!

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Good vanilla type fragrance

This is my favorite vanilla type fragrance oil by a long shot! It's not really a true straight up vanilla smell as it has some serious buttercream and almost caramel undertones. I'm not complaining though because it's great! All by itself or as a blending oil. I've used it to soften up some of my pointier smelling essential oil blends and it's perfect!

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Smelled like Baking Vanilla

I thought I would try this to mix with other scents to mellow them out a bit. I tried it once on it's own in CP soap and it did discolor like the description says, but it does smell like baking vanilla and not like a vanilla bean. It's still nice, just not as mellow as I was hoping for.

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Yay Phthalate Free!!!!

There are a few fragrances I use of yours that I Love this being one. But I started searching for phthalate free versions elsewhere. I'm so excited! Any chances that the white ginger Amber scent might be reformulated? 😁

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Not my type of vanilla

I'm a huge vanilla fanatic, but this one gave me a headache. I was expecting a smoother, more vanilla bean type scent, and this just smelled like super strong, fake vanilla. I got this for my bath fizzies, so I'm going to try mixing it with some other FO's and maybe cutting the recipe amount in half, but I don't believe I'll be repurchasing this.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Emily! I'm sorry this wasn't your favorite vanilla scent. We love the richness of the Vanilla Select, though it is the sweetest vanilla fragrance we carry. If you're looking for a more sophisticated vanilla you may like Vanilla Bean Fragrance Oil, Vanilla Forest Fragrance Oil, or Sandalwood Vanilla Fragrance Oil.