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Fragrance held up

I make my vanilla Cold Process soap with a majority of your Warm Vanilla Sugar Cybilla Fragrance Oil. It is amazing, but I also like to add a bit of your Tahitian Vanilla to the mix to add a little dimension and interest to the fragrance. It is truly fabulous when used in combination. I get nothing but compliments on how this vanilla smells in my CP Soaps.

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Much Better than anticipated!

UDPATE: My previous review follows this comment. My soaps are now cured and are a strong full-bodied exotic vanilla. LOVE it!! Absolutely did NOT wither in my goat's milk soap. They are now selling like hot cakes!! ********* For some reason I only noticed the comment "withers miserably in cold process soap" only 'after' I made the purchase. I decided to chance it and add extra to my recipe. My soap is now curing on the rack and has totally held up so far!! REALLY really lovely, definitely exotic and not your typical sweet coconut or vanilla cooking type smell. Just LOVELY!!

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A friend of mine ordered this scent a few months ago, so I got to smell it before buying it for myself. It is one of the best vanilla smells I've ever worked with. When describing it, I say its a "cool" vanilla, instead of a "warm baked" vanilla. Its clean, refreshing, and not at all over powering. It blends well with lavender without overpowering it.

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All coconuts are created equal

Hi all, I truly enjoy Bramble Berry products and my last review was a little harsh. I use my fragrance in room sprays, lotions, bath bombs and scrub. After giving this a few days it wasn't as musty or powdery as I first mentioned. It sort of morphed into a flowery vanilla.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Sabrina! I'm sorry this fragrance was not as coconutty as you were expecting. While the Vanilla, Tahitian Fragrance Oil does have a coconut heart I still find it to smell most strongly of vanilla. If you're looking for other tropical coconut scents you may prefer Coconut Cybilla Fragrance Oil, Island Coconut Fragrance Oil, or Coconut Cream Fragrance Oil.

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The Perfect Vanilla!

I absolutely love this FO! I am very particular about vanilla scents as they can be too sweet or too overpowering. In my opinion, this one is perfect. I blend it with BB's Island Coconut and it is intoxicating! I have used the blend in candles, lotion, shampoo, and sea salt spray, and I get many compliments!!