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The Perfect Vanilla!

I absolutely love this FO! I am very particular about vanilla scents as they can be too sweet or too overpowering. In my opinion, this one is perfect. I blend it with BB's Island Coconut and it is intoxicating! I have used the blend in candles, lotion, shampoo, and sea salt spray, and I get many compliments!!

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Smells beautiful!

A while ago I got an exclusive "kitchen" item from lush (things that are only made once and sold for a day or two) while I was in Europe and it was a giant box of a salt sand body scrub with a vanilla scent. It smelled absolutely wonderful, not too sweet but quite comforting, and I am so happy to have tried this fragrance oil because it smells just like it! This fragrance is a great alternative to the candy-like vanilla. It smells so smooth and comforting

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Excellent fragrance oil

This is the best vanilla fragrance oil ever. It is my number one with my family and friends and everyone is demanding me to make soaps again with this. I made this into a light "Latte" soap color with this fragrance. Add coffee grinds and Wow was everyone's suprise. Asking for more. I will recommend and don't worry about discolor or trace. If your looking for a vanilla that is not heavy you must try this one. Love, love, love it. Thank you again Brambleberry

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Meghan Kelsey

This fragrance is great. It is not strong, so it worked very well in my lightly scented soap. It smells like vanilla and coconut. I will be purchasing this scent again.

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Vanilla with a twist!

I LOVE anything vanilla. I have never smelled real Tahitian Vanilla but love this scent. It's vanilla with a twist. I like it because it isn't your typical sweet smelling vanilla. It is more subtle. You smell the top note of spice with the base note of vanilla. The spice is not overwhelming and is toned down by the vanilla. I make it in a hand milled soap which sells very well. I also make it in a body butter for myself and like it because it is not overwhelming like some vanilla scents can be. This is my third time to run out of this fragrance so I am getting the 16oz size this time...that means it will be a staple on the shelf and has passed the sell test.