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Just Like Vanilla Fields Perfume

I bought this hoping for a soft, sweet vanilla like vanilla beans. It does not smell like that. It does smell like the 1990s perfume "Vanilla Fields" which is lovely. I am not sure if this has musk in it, as musk is not listed in the description, but I think I smell a musk undertone. As I cannot tolerate musks, I can't use this fragrance, but it does smell very lovely.

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Wonderful fragrant vanilla

I just made some bath bombs today made with your vanilla vanilla fragrance and I must say was pleasantly surprised at how much liked it. I am not a vanilla person but this scent changed my mind! My room even smells lovely as they dry! :D

Lotion - lovely, but not vanilla

I'm wearing this lotion right now, and I can't stop smelling my hands. It's sort of a smokey floral with soft creamy vanilla notes. Yummy and lovely - but NOT the rich vanilla I am looking for. But I like it a lot and I would buy it again.

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Lovely In my Bath Bombs

This is my first time ordering anything from Brambleberry and I must say I am very pleased with this fragrance. I've used them in my Vanilla Lavender bath bombs and my customers really love the scent. The vanilla is not overpowering or overly sweet smelling. It's just a very good balance and you don't really need much at all. I will be ordering this again in the future.

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I made the mistake of not looking at the cold press sample, but jsyk, it's DARK. what's weird is that it will start off clear? and as it dries will turn dark dark brown. Again, my fault for not looking at the sample. I'm giving this a low rating based on the smell though. My mom commented that it was like smelling sweet play-dough and I have to agree. It had a strong, not very vanilla, and unpleasant smell. : (

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Skye! I'm sorry you found this scent unpleasant.  We love the rich smell of Bourbon Vanilla in harmony with the sweeter Tahitian Vanilla beans!  Though, because this fragrance is a vanilla and has a vanilla content of 19.5% it will discolor to a dark brown, almost black.  It's quite normal to start out a lighter color and darken over time; a quirky feature of handmade soap!  If you're looking for vanillas you may like Vanilla Select Fragrance Oil, Vanilla Bean Fragrance Oil, or Sandalwood Vanilla Fragrance Oil. I will email you personally to discuss this further.