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I LOVE my vertical mold! I have made beer soap, pumpkin soap, black and white soap etc in it. Never a problem with swirling or removing the inner paddle and never any leaking. In fact, the ONLY problem I have is someone cleaned my shop and now I am unable to locate the inner paddle and I am hoping BB has another one available for purchase because I need to make soap and I don't want to loose the use of this mold. I like it so much I would consider ordering a second one so I can make more than one batch of soap at a time and save time and have continuity in my soaps

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So Much Fun!

After reading the reviews about how this mold was leaking I was a little hesitant but purchased anyway. I love this mold! I'm assuming people are experiencing leaks because they're pouring to thin. I took my soap to medium trace. A little like a pudding. No leaks whatsoever! I will say that the divider didn't turn as easily as I thought it would. But, I practiced prior to soaping so when it was time to turn the divider, I turned very slow and carefully. I wish I could upload a picture. I followed the Pomegranate and Black Currant Cold Process Soap tutorial but used my own soap recipe.

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Update: When it works it's a 5

You may haver read my last review of this product which received 2 stars. I apparently had a faulty mold and BB took care of the issue and sent me a new one. I have to say, not lining it has been great and to keep it from leaking if I am using a thin batter, I put tape at the bottom where the base meets the side. I have not had leakage problems or problems opening/closing the front slide or problems twirling the center piece. It is a wonderful mold! I only gave 4 instead of 5 stars because the first mold was such a fiasco.

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Leaks like crazy

I love to make the twist with this mold, but I hate how badly it leaks. I have the old model, with the wingnuts. Even with the washers, they still bite into the wood, but do not help to achieve a tight fit. A deciding factor to get this mold was that it didn't need t be lined, but that is not the case. You MUST line this mold, or you will have soap everywhere. I would give 2.5 stars, because I like the swirl effect, but hate that it leaks, and feel a bit deceived with the original description.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Tiffany! I'm sorry you felt deceived by the original description of this mold. We love the Vertical Wood Mold! In our tests and recipes we found the inserts fit snug enough in the mold to not need lining though we like to line with freezer paper just in case, especially when working with a thinner recipe.

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I have had some trouble with this mold, it is hard to take the middle peace out to swirl it. I have also had trouble with the pieces sliding around slightly, plastic pieces do not fit

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Colleen! I'm sorry you were having trouble working with this mold. We love the Vertical Mold and have made so many fun designs as seen in our Vertical Sandalwood Vanilla Soap, With a Twist! and Making Sunshine Cold Process Soap tutorials. I will email you directly to help troubleshoot!