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Old unreformulated version

I really prefer this to the new version. It smells just like the Spiritual Sky perfume from the 70's. I wish they would go back to the old version.

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it deserves a 10

So based on the reviews I was expecting a light floral, with powdery undertones. that is not what I got from smelling this, it is fresh and clean almost reminds me of a fresh spring morning after a night of rain. I think this would blend well with BBs rain fragrance, but since I dont have that fragrance I am going to blend this with baby powder, together those two make a beautiful love child! THIS fragrance is my new favorite i just adore it! But dont expect a floral here its just pure freshness! I used this today in a bath of CP soap and man it smells amazing, but it is very delicate but its going to be a permanent soap for my line. When I let my mom smell the combo of violet and baby powder she lost it and demanded a finished bar. Its so refreshing and clean.

Morphed and faded in cold process

Really like ur out of bottle (matched description), but morphed and faded in cp. Perhaps it was the titanium dioxide because it was a standard olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil recipe.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Catherine! I'm so glad you liked the smell of our Violet Fragrance Oil out of bottle, though I'm sorry it did not perform as expected in cold process soap. We found this fragrance oil to be strong when used at 0.96 oz per pound of cold process soaps, found using our Fragrance Calculator and stay true to the straight violet scent. With some olive oils that are really strong, it can affect the smell a bit. Using more oils with a neutral smell really helps. Also, for more help with fading, check out our How to Prevent Scent Fading in Soap blog post.

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The Perfect Violet

I never tried the old violet, but this new one is amazing. It smells exactly like violet: floral, sweet, soft, a bit powdery. I can't wait to use this in all my products! This is the violet I've been looking for!

Violet Fragrance Oil BEFORE Reformulation

I wrote an email asking the usage rate for a pre Oct 2015 formulation and never received a response. The old blend was perfect and why it was changed I don't know. It soaped cp lovely room temp and smelled amazing. Sad I used the old that worked so nicely. I'm reluctant to try the new now.