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The Perfect Violet

I never tried the old violet, but this new one is amazing. It smells exactly like violet: floral, sweet, soft, a bit powdery. I can't wait to use this in all my products! This is the violet I've been looking for!

Violet Fragrance Oil BEFORE Reformulation

I wrote an email asking the usage rate for a pre Oct 2015 formulation and never received a response. The old blend was perfect and why it was changed I don't know. It soaped cp lovely room temp and smelled amazing. Sad I used the old that worked so nicely. I'm reluctant to try the new now.

Verified Purchase

This fragrance is perfect on its own or for blending with other fragrances. I have used it in several melt and pour projects and it always works out beautifully.

Mix with Valencia for a real winner

Mix with Litsea Cubeba or Valencia Orange ESOs and that takes the mix to a new level. I used on its own in a lotion and it is very nice. This is a more than decent violet and quite a good strength.

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Lovely combination

Like the description says, this is a simple, violet scent. To add a woodsy note that evokes more of the type of natural setting violets grow in, I added a tiny bit of Tobacco and Bay Leaf FO. (Thank you BB for free samples!) The result is a combination that people absolutely love--including my grandmother. :-)