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Really nice

Really nice FO, smells true to it's name without any "fake" undertones that I've ran i nto from other vendors. Easy to work with

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Love it!

I've brought this scent for years now. The only thing is I have to add more thenthe fragrance calculator says, or it has hardly a smell. Other then that it's one of my favs for Christmas.

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Love it

Smells exactly like BBW Warm Vanilla Sugar. Turns a wonderful deep brown color in CP soap.

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Awesome in everything!

I am very happy with this scent and it is amazing in everything I have made using it. I have done M & P soaps, sugar scrubs, lotions and candles. The scent is warm and smooth and does not smell like burnt sugar when added to hot soap or candles while they burn. It does discolor a bit but I and my customers find it quite pleasing, so I don't add color to it. This is one of my favorite scents and will, for sure, be kept on hand as long as Bramble Berry keeps it in stock.

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Warm Vanilla Sugar

I really like this scent. It's a soft, sophisticated vanilla. Also, it's my MIL's go-to scent, so I always know anything with this scent will be a good gift. It seems universally liked by everyone who smells it. It's also a good deal for CP soap, according to the fragrance calculator, as it looks like a little goes a long way, so the 4 ounce bottle I got will last a while. I wonder why that is, as OOB it doesn't seem particularly strong. Anyway, great scent!