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Cold Process?

I have ordered the paper but not yet used it. I wondered if it can be used with CP soap as well as melt and pout?

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I used this paper in my bottom load photo printer and it worked wonders. The colors were vibrant and photos have been perfect in soap over a year. Highly recommend.

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Such a fun product

The only thing I regret about this purchase is not ordering a larger amount. This could be really addictive!

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I LOVE THIS PAPER! I have a lot of original art work, that I was able to scale, scan,print and embed in the soap...worked great!!!

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Not sure of technique

This paper has great potential but I need some pointers. We used a laser printer. Because we are making favors for a family event that is approaching quickly we did not wait a day for the ink to dry. After Letting the clear layer set, we placed the design and then very lightly sprayed with alcohol because the paper did not seem to stick to the clear soap. We waited and then poured the white fragranced layer. The issue is air bubbles. The design is not flat and I see air trapped in the clear layer between the message and the soap. Should I have pressed down on the thin paper with a damp sponge like in the tattoo video or should I have used more alcohol? I was afraid of bleeding. It does seem a bit yellow so I may try bluing yet next batch. Thanks for any advice on the ideal technique

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Marissa! I'm so sorry you had some troubles using this paper. For a video showing the best techniques to use with our Water Soluble Paper check our Soap Queen TV Episode 9: Water Soluble Paper. I will email you personally to help troubleshoot!