Gardenia/Patchouli Blend by Stacy M

It's not to earthy nor too sweet!  Stacy says "I made this a week ago and just uncapped it. I'm still swooning!"


Patchouli Blends by Camille Pratt

Summer Garden

Amidst a cool, green garden, the scent of heirloom roses and ripe, juicy strawberries drift by on a fine summer's breeze.

Red Velvet

Okay... if red velvet got to choose what it could smell like, it would smell like this!


There is something wistful, childlike, yet powerful in this blend. It stirs the emotions and brings glimmers of pleasant, long forgotten memories.

Vintage Lace

What an uncommon blend, I know, but they meld so beautifully. Rich, lots of depth. Patchouli and Earth Musk place the Almond into submission.

Drifting Dreams

If this one does not make you feel dreamy and optimistic, and you catch yourself smiling with whatever it evokes in you, then you have forgotten how to dream!