Q: Why don't my lip balms taste like the name implies?

A: The lip balm flavors are more like lip-safe fragrances. They smell but do not taste. In commercial lip products, what you're actually tasting is the sweetener that they use (commonly aspartame or another sugar substitute) and then you're inhaling the fragrance on the lips, tricking your brain into thinking it's "tasting" the flavor. Interesting, huh?

You can mimic this by either using the sweetened products that we carry (Carmel or the Bubblegum) or by adding your own sweetener. We carry a bleached stevia and an unbleached stevia (which is a natural green colorant and colors your lip balm green). If you use it in very small amounts, the lip balm will suspend the minuscule granules and give each use a slightly sweet taste.

Some people also use honey and liquid glycerin though I personally haven't had much luck getting either product to mix in very well with my lip balm base.