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Love how soft this body butter makes my skin fill. I can't wait to let my family members try it. I will be taking some home for my sisters to try next weekend. My husband and kids love it. My husband uses it at night, says it helps him sleep. :)

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I bought this kit to try it out and see if my customers will like it. I packaged the body butter in 4oz jar instead of the jars came with the kit. I used a bit leftover and I love it! I was surprised how people buy that like crazy, i made this kit last week and now they are gone! I will definitely buy more and keep making this! Thank you BB!

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Smooth and Silky

I make my own butters and creams and decided to try this kit! PERFECT!! So super easy to make and it feels divine!!! My only compliant, and its not really a complaint.......but the one thing Im not crazy about is the Lables!! They are super cute and make a very professional presentation but you have to cut them. Yes, they are peel and stick but they have to be cut..........So my edges did not have a clean crisp look.. That would be the only thing I would change. I did add more Lavender oil. Love it!

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Lavender Butter Kit

This kit was very easy to follow instructions. Very subtle lavenderand additive smell. My only hangup is that there was not enough butter or materials for the project. It only filled five out of the six jars. I would love to order again if I know there would be enough to fill all six jars. Otherwise, very nice product.

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Love this kit, so easy and makes silky, fluffy body butter. I added extra lavender essential oil as well as 3 ml roman camomille essential oil. Smells devine!