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Not enough labels

I really like the ingredients and there was more then enough to fill the 6 jars but there weren't enough labels and the labels can't just be peeled and used. I'm not going to use them because I should have till cut them myself and that would ber sloppy

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Super Easy

The directions were very easy to follow, the product looks and smells wonderful. I filled the jars to look like the picture, and there was only enough to fill 5 jars. That is the reason for the 4 star rating. If it had filled all 6 jars, would have rated 5 stars.

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Love how soft this body butter makes my skin fill. I can't wait to let my family members try it. I will be taking some home for my sisters to try next weekend. My husband and kids love it. My husband uses it at night, says it helps him sleep. :)

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I bought this kit to try it out and see if my customers will like it. I packaged the body butter in 4oz jar instead of the jars came with the kit. I used a bit leftover and I love it! I was surprised how people buy that like crazy, i made this kit last week and now they are gone! I will definitely buy more and keep making this! Thank you BB!

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Smooth and Silky

I make my own butters and creams and decided to try this kit! PERFECT!! So super easy to make and it feels divine!!! My only compliant, and its not really a complaint.......but the one thing Im not crazy about is the Lables!! They are super cute and make a very professional presentation but you have to cut them. Yes, they are peel and stick but they have to be cut..........So my edges did not have a clean crisp look.. That would be the only thing I would change. I did add more Lavender oil. Love it!