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Fun and easy kit!

Ive been soaping for about 3 years and decided to try making body butter. The instructions for this kit were easy to understand. The body butter came out fluffy and fragrant! My daughter loves to use it to put on her granddaughter feet and legs at bedtime, and she recently asked me for another jar!

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Shocked at new price hike

What happened that you need to increase the price for this kit to more than double of the original kit I purchased in February? I cannot justify paying that kind of kit when buying the individual items will incur less than half of the price. Free shipping and percentages are meaningless under those circumstances PLEASE do not do this, you will lose customers.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
We've redesigned these kits to make them all encompassing so they are as easy to use as possible. With this update we found we had to raise the pricing as well to make the kits sustainable. Find out more about this decision in our How We Redesigned Our Kits blog post and video.

What is up with the price increases?

I purchased a large amount of your products last year. I took a break from,purchasing from you guys due to your shipping costs and more than a couple problems with shipping times. I just came back on your site to try again. I was planning on reordering some kits and I have to say that I am seriously shocked and disappointed at the increase in the prices of your kits to give as gifts. I have made tons of bath bombs and so I know how much a batch of them cost to make. I have to purchase the ingredients at retail, and even then it is nowhere near what you are asking. Even with a 20% discount & free shipping, $32 is way too much. I figured, well I will just look at other kits, maybe the prices of those will be better. The first one I looked at is this one. Seriously? $53 for a kit that is way less than that if a customer purchases the items separately? You can't offer a 20% discount and free shipping if you then calculate the cost back into the sale price! It's a shame because you guys really do have some amazing products, I just can't justify paying so much for them. If you lower the cost, yes, but not like they are currently

Chloe from Bramble Berry replies...
Is sounds like your skill level is a little above these kits. If you already know how to make a traditional Whipped Body Butter you can make a really similar product to this by purchasing the products separately.

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Not enough labels

I really like the ingredients and there was more then enough to fill the 6 jars but there weren't enough labels and the labels can't just be peeled and used. I'm not going to use them because I should have till cut them myself and that would ber sloppy

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Super Easy

The directions were very easy to follow, the product looks and smells wonderful. I filled the jars to look like the picture, and there was only enough to fill 5 jars. That is the reason for the 4 star rating. If it had filled all 6 jars, would have rated 5 stars.