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Honestly in love!

In being completely honest, I'm a soapmaker on a budget, so when my budget allowed me a little exrta to try a couple new FO's, I headed over to BB! I knew exactly what I wanted to try, so quickly put them in my cart, but upon checkout, I realized I was still under budget & could afford to choose one more. I chose this one, based on its great price, and it sounded pretty. What I wasn't expecting was how much I'd LOVE IT!! This "I can afford to squeeze in one more" FO turned out to be a HUGE surprise & validated to me that BB carries the best quality FO's out there! This warm, comforting blend of ginger & amber is BEAUTIFUL, and even my husband (who pays no mind to fragrances), lifted an eyebrow in approval when he smelled it! I honestly would have passed this one by a thousand times if not for having a set budget, but OMG is it AMAZING! It's unisex, cozy but fresh, and impressively authentic! I received my order at 8:30pm last night & immediately made soap with THIS FO! I had absolutely NO PROBLEMS whatsoever! Had all the time in the world to swirl in some gold mica, and the scent in actual soap only got better! I am so happy I took a chance with this FO... It will be a staple I repurchase again & again! Thank you BB for only carrying the best quality FO's! This one's OUTSTANDING!

Verified Purchase

Smelled awesome in bottle!! When I made hot process I cooled my batch to 150F before adding the fragrance. When I stirred my batch I could tell right away the fragrance was weak so I added another tablespoon. I used 2.5ozs in a 2lb loaf. When the loaf was cut 2 days later the fragrance was almost gone. It was a non seller so my husband and I will use this batch. Any ideas on what I could have done to make this work? I usually choose a fragrance on the reviews.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Donna! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. We love the warm blend of our White Ginger & Amber Cybilla Fragrance and found it to last well in lye based soaps. We choose all our fragrances based on how they smell after 4-6 weeks of curing. You may find the smell returns after that time! For more tip, check out the How to Prevent Scent Fading in Soap blog post.

Warm, Spicy

This smells delicious with the amber dominating, and the ginger rounding it out to a nice, warm smell. I used this at the strong level in CP soap and it's not too much. Would work for men or women. Behaves very well with no acceleration, and with titanium dioxide made a nice white body color.

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Pleasant, but not very gingery

I agree with many of the previous reviews. It is a really pleasant scent, and does remind me of walking into a high end spa. The ginger is very light though, so if you are looking for a ginger smell, this probably isn't the right frangrance for you.

Too much floral

Too much floral perhaps? I'm not a blendologist but I was expecting something different. I do like this scent. It's got the spice that it suggests but the floral is a bit strong. Truly, my numb nose really only noticed because I think it's nearly identical to Fresh Snow Fragrance Oil. I ordered both scents hoping to market this ginger scent as "Gingerbread" but I can't smell anything here but a variation of Clean Linen or Fresh Cotton. It's crazy how similar this scent is to Fresh Now Fragrance Oil. It's not bad, it's a lovely scent, it just isn't the "Ginger" I was hoping for. Can you blend a ginger with a heavy freshly baked bread sort of scent? THAT would be heavenly. Thank you Ann Marie, for always being so thoughtful to the reviews. I appreciate it.