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SomeTyme Place
My new favorite

I can't express enough how good this fragrance smells both in bottle and in cp soap! It is my new favorite for its uniquely fresh floral scent- and I can't emphasize the fresh aspect enough! My customers love florals, so I ordered a sample of this months ago to see if I thought it would work for my products. Needless to say I ordered a bigger bottle, and will be buying a bigger one still! As far as performance goes, my soap recipe is a quick tracer, but this floral gave me zero trouble and there were no discoloration issues. Really an absolute dream to work with. I highly recommend it!

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I am very pleased with the preformance of this White Magnolia FO. It soaped very well in CP. The scent is very strong but I do like it.

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Very pretty, feminine and versatile if you enjoy blending. I was grateful for Brambleberry's tip and prepared for acceleration. One of my favorites!

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Nice scent, not really like magnolia blossoms

I wouldn't have known any better until I moved to NC. It almost smells like gardenia to me, but not quite. I'm going to try adding some citrus to it to see if I can get it to smell more like magnolia. It's still a nice scent.

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Delightful Floral

This is a wonderful floral scent. I selected this because I love the smell of all the scents described. I found it to be a perfect bouquet. The oil did accelerate the trace slightly and there was no discoloration in cp. The bars came out a beautiful ivory color. The recipe for soap I use is a simple lard and coconut oil recipe.