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Very feminine

I personally don’t like this fragrance. It doesn’t smell like fresh cut roses, but more powdery type of rose. But my friends and family love it, especially the women. I made cp soaps using this. It behaved well and didn’t cause any discoloration.

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White Rose scent review

It would be good to be warned ahead of buying a scent that it will turn your beautiful white soap a dingy brown color. I do not get a true rose scent from this. It is mixed with another floral oil that gives it an "almost rose" scent. I will continue to use my original pure rose oil concentrate. It costs more, but I really get a real true rose scent -- and white soap! P.S. -- Adding more white rose to try and get a better rose scent doesn't work, and it makes your soap a darker brown. Now I have some that I will use when I want brown soap, but I will not buy again.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The White Rose Fragrance Oil is a rose blend with overtones of citrus and other floral notes, though it should not discolor your soap. It sounds like you may have received a wrong fragrance oil. Customer service has contacted you directly to help with this.

Gorgeous in a blend with Apple Sage

Received this and Apple Sage as samples, decided to combine the two so that I have enough FO for my 1000g test batch. Lovely, lovely scent. The White Rose helps cut down some of the sweetness in Apple Sage. Moderate acceleration. Even with water discount, I managed to do a two-layer pour (white on the bottom, pink on top, with a gold mica line). The soap has been curing for exactly 3 months now and the scent sticks and remains true.

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"Will you accept this rose?"

"Will you accept this rose?" "Why, of course I will!" Taking this rose will bring you a soft, clean, gentle rose scent- everything a girl could ask for.

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Not Your Typical Rose Scent

I am in love with Yellow Rose. I usually have a love/hate relationship with any rose scent. I love rose, but it's usually too over powering and gives me a headache after a while. Not the Yellow Rose. It's VERY CLEAN smelling an makes you feel like your walking through a fresh spring rose garden. This is now my only go to rose fragrance.