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Clean and beautifull

this fragrance is clean, crisp, and beautiful. I am so glad I asked for a sample because I NEED to order a HUGE bottle of this beauty! it is a clean fragrance and very much unisex which i love! But you can make it either very feminine if you blend it with sweeter fragrances or very masculine when blending with deeper masculine fragrances! LOVE IT! totally hooked like everyone else! I finally got around to ordering a bottle of this because I figured out what to pair it with, LEMONGRASS. to me lemongrass is very sharp and I don't really like it, but with this to smooth out the sharpness and add a bit of sweetness lemongrass transforms into something super beautiful and refreshing!

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This scent has been a hit with wedding favors. Very crisp, fresh, and romantic.

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Lovely scent

Nice fresh, sophisticated, spa-like scent. No acceleration or discoloring in CP. This is one of the few fragrances I have purchased more than once because I love it so much (I haven't been soaping long).

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White Tea and Ginger

While I don't smell ginger at all when I sniff this one, I don't care. It is a lovely, relaxing, bright fragrance. Always a hit in whatever product I put it in. A keeper for sure.

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Behaves Well, Scent is Weak

So this smells great OOB and good in MP, but I'm a week into curing a loaf of CP and the scent is totally gone. Behaved well, though; no discoloration or acceleration at all