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Such a wonderful scent!

This is a wonderful scent! I am not a floral person but this has won me over! I have used it in MP soap and lotion. I am happy with this and am looking forward to using it in more products. My husband even liked it!

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A Must Have...Simply Devine!

I absolutely adore this scent! Ordering more. I know this will be a hit!

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nice fragrance

I am surprised others haven't had problems with this FO in their melt and pour. Using the recommended % or less caused burning in sensitive areas. I do not recommend this oil although the scent is lovely.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Ellen! I'm glad you think the scent of our Wildflower Fragrance Oil is lovely! I'm sorry you had that experience with it. We found this scent to be safe to use and not cause irritation when added at no more than 0.44 oz per pound of melt and pour and soap. We have contacted you privately to help troubleshoot.

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A Must Have!

If you've been looking for a fragrance to be a staple in your collection...a best seller...look no further. I am new to this, but I sold out of my Bees Knees CP soap very quickly...and now I have reordered the 8 oz bottle with confidence. It might waver a bit in the first couple of weeks, but by cure's end and for months afterward, it is simply gorgeous! A truly authentic, warm honey fragrance with that uplifting, snuggly, toasty scent of real honey. Close your eyes and you'll think you've got your nose over a jar of the real thing. It does discolor a bit as stated, but if you handwhisk, you won't have any problems at all with acceleration. I also burn off all FOs that I use to further avoid that issue. Highly, highly recommended!!!

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Lots of Honey

Lots of rich honey fragrance with a touch of floral. Worked well in my CP soap and discolored to a beautiful honey tone that I worked with instead of fighting. Very strong at first but will tame down after a couple weeks.