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My favorite scent

My husband and son placed a nice size order through Bramble Berry on Black Friday for everything I asked for as Christmas gifts to make soap including this fragrance. I used it in coconut milk soap, this is now our favorite scent. I have a bar in the bathroom for guests to use and I have gotten nothing but compliments on the scent and moisture in the coconut milk soap. Bramble Berry nailed this scent. The floral scent combined with the honey scent are amazing.

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Heavenly scent

I used this in CP solid shampoo bars and I can't stop smelling my hair. I thought it would be overpowering at first, but the fragrance has mellowed as the bars cured and now it smells identical to L'Occitane's Honey Gentle Water. My kids really love it too and I can't recommend it enough! There was a little discoloration, but this smells nice enough that I wouldn't really care what color my soap turned out

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awesome scent

I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered this scent, but WOW! Amazing! This honey doesn't smell like your average is accompanied by a soft floral scent that tones down any typical honey smell. It is simply wonderful.

The New Honeysuckle

Forget the standard Honeysuckle scents. This fragrance smells like you are walking thorugh a feild of Honeysuckle. I have always found other Honeysuckle scents (including Bramble Berry) to be too floral and untrue to Honeysuckle. It is a great strong scent with a deep nature that keeps it from being overwhelming. Worked well in our CP soap. Held on to its scent great. Everyone loved the smell of this soap.

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Such a wonderful scent!

This is a wonderful scent! I am not a floral person but this has won me over! I have used it in MP soap and lotion. I am happy with this and am looking forward to using it in more products. My husband even liked it!