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Comes back!

When I first made cold process soap with this, it smelled wonderful! And then I was bummed because it faded. After six weeks, I had intended to throw it out, but then life happened and I didn't get to it until ten weeks. And it smelled awesome again! Just plan on a long cure, it's worth it!

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I liked it until...

Received this as a sample and used it to sweeten a lavender CP soap. With a 3:2 lavender to winter gardenia ratio it was very heavy on the gardenia side, but not necessarily a bad fragrance to me. Just not what I expected. However, after unmolding and washing the silicon mold I noticed that the mold had retained a heavy gardenia scent. I've tried everything to get it out but no joy. It's a 1lb. Crafter's Choice mold. Any ideas?

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Julie! I'm so glad you liked the smell of our Winter Gardenia Fragrance Oil - I love the idea of blending it with lavender! Silicone molds definitely can soak up scents for sure but they rarely transfer to the next soap. To help lighten that scent you can wash the mold with grease fighting liquid dish soap. Once dry, you can spray with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and let sit until evaporated. If the scent is still stuck try a baking soda/water paste and allow that to sit on the mold! For more information check out our How to Care for Silicone and Wood Molds blog post.

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Well liked

Update: This is great in cp soap! The scent is different, gives off a cool and elegant vibe! Perfect for Christmas! 12/21/15 This is a strong, cold, clean, and minty scent. Not a favorite, but my mom and sister loved it. I made M&P snowflake soap with it and they turned out great! No discoloration, just awesome! Thank you BB for all your advice and great customer service!

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Loses the Peppermint

Even though I'm not usually one for flowery scents, I liked this because it was balanced with peppermint. However, after a few weeks of curing I feel like the peppermint is completely lost leaving just the flowery smell. I was disappointed as I created this winter.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Amber! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this scent after used in soap. We love the unexpected blend of florals and peppermint in the Winter Gardenia Fragrance Oil and found it to last beautifully in cold process. If you're looking for other interesting floral blends, you may like Sparkling Snowdrop Fragrance Oil, White Rose Fragrance Oil or Blooms and Berries Fragrance Oil.

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One of my very favorites, I've ordered it a few times now. Mixes well, scent stays through the last bit of suds. So, so nice. Totally recommend!