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Loses the Peppermint

Even though I'm not usually one for flowery scents, I liked this because it was balanced with peppermint. However, after a few weeks of curing I feel like the peppermint is completely lost leaving just the flowery smell. I was disappointed as I created this winter.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Amber! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this scent after used in soap. We love the unexpected blend of florals and peppermint in the Winter Gardenia Fragrance Oil and found it to last beautifully in cold process. If you're looking for other interesting floral blends, you may like Sparkling Snowdrop Fragrance Oil, White Rose Fragrance Oil or Blooms and Berries Fragrance Oil.

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One of my very favorites, I've ordered it a few times now. Mixes well, scent stays through the last bit of suds. So, so nice. Totally recommend!

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Well liked

This is a strong, cold, clean, and minty scent. Not a favorite, but my mom and sister loved it. I made M&P snowflake soap with it and they turned out great! No discoloration, just awesome! Thank you BB for all your advice and great customer service!

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This is one of my favorite fo's from brambleberry. It is light and clean but also floral without being overwhelming with an ever so subtle sweet to it. It really is gorgeous and wonderful

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Wonderful Fragrance Oil

This is such a clean scent, and has been popular with everyone that has given the soap a sniff. I pick up more mint than floral, but the floral is there giving the FO a neat base note. It also performed well while soaping, and so far (5 weeks) discoloration has been minimal. Be sure to give this a try if you are looking for something different!