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Smells Odd

Holy what, this smells strange out of the bottle. It makes it difficult to work with sometimes because of the off-putting chemical smell. However, once I processed it in a body mist, the weird smell was gone and it seemed to work nicely (I hope).

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Sarah H.
Smells AWFUL!!!

I've purchased witch hazel from other sources before and none of it has EVER smelled this horrid. I don't think I've been disappointed with a purchase from BrambleBerry before, so this was a very disappointing first. The price is amazing, but I'd still recommend paying more and getting it somewhere else.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Sarah! I'm sorry you had that experience! The Witch Hazel does have a very distinct scent which can be quite polarizing, think an astringent smell. It also does have an alcohol content which could be the chemical notes you're picking up. Though we've this smell does not come across in the finished product as the alcohol evaporates out. Customer service has contacted you directly to help with this :-)

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This is the best witch haz at the best price!

BB has the best price on witch hazel that Ive been able to find. That and after seeing the toner recipe i decided to buy it. Im so glad i did because that stuff worked miracles on my skin! I have really bad winter skin and get patches on my cheeks every winter. Well, so far this year ive only had one case of patches until i used this and have not had any problems since! People are worried of the alcohol being drying to the skin but its not! And i used a larger amount in my recipe. I know everyone is different but i have the worst dry skin problem in the winter and this used in the toner works amazing and my skin is absolutely silky! I do use rose water along with it also, so that could definitely be making a difference.

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Pungent smell

I want to start off saying that I love everything else I've gotten from Bramble Berry except for this. When I purchased this I was expecting some kind of alcohol smell, however I was not expecting it to be so pungent that it overpowers any fragrance I use. I've been making bath bombs and I've tried three different batches. The first following a recipe to the gram, the second I cut the witch hazel in half and added more fragrance, the thentire third I put onlu a couple of spritz. All three of them came out smelling foul. I follow the same exact recipe minus the witch hazel and it smells great. Is it supposed to be that strong? I wish it could be returned.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Amanda! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this product. We love the Witch Hazel, though it can definitely be a strong scent if you've never smelled it before. Much of the scent should fade away in a few days or so as it evaporates out. Many people do exactly as you mentioned and use either a little oil or fragrance as their wetting agent instead. You can also use a little Cyclomethicone as your wetting agent. Customer service has contacted you directly to resolve this issue :-)

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Excellent Value!

I use this in my Natural Bug Repellent and Lavender Spray! Love it! It's on of those Must Have items!