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This one smelled absolutely wonderful oob and when I first made the soap. No problems during soaping either, another bonus and the reason for two stars instead of one. After a day or two of curing though, it started smelling like kerosene. All the wonderful Christmasy scent was gone. I've waited until now to turn in a review in case it came back after cure, but it hasn't. I made these just before Halloween and in mid-Jan they still smell like kerosene. I hate to throw soap out. Any ideas on what to rebatch it with?

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I just purchased a new bottle, and I am disapointed it is not the same fragrance, this one is more sweet and does not have the mountain pine, fresh scent it used to have. It was a bestseller, now I need to find another fragrance.

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Holiday Favorite

Mine behaved perfectly with a 3 color in the pot swirl. It's my favorite because it smells like holiday greenery without smelling like pinesol.

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Smells faint and lacking

I was really hoping to like this one, but even right out of the bottle, you can barely smell anything. I made a single wax melt with this to test how it does in it and you can still barely smell it. I guess I'll use to mix with other FO I have to not have wasted money on this junk

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Great smell; does accelerate

I love this scent! So crisp and piney! However, like other reviewers have stated, despite the fact that BB says that this performs well in cold process soap, it does accelerate. In the same day, I made 3 batches of soap before this one, using different FOs, and had no problems. I had my lye water at 120 degrees every time, with my oils a few degrees off from that. I use the immersion blender just to emulsify the oil and lye, but don't bring them to trace, then stir in the FO. This was the only one that thickened up immediately, and I had trouble doing a hanger swirl. I think that the label should be changed to state that this FO does accelerate.