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Maria & Bessi
Behavior in CP soap

Keep in mind that we are relatively new soapers... However, we found this FO to accelerate VERY quickly. This was relatively disappointing, as the bottle stated no acceleration. We have had some accelerations but this one was the fastest we have had out of about 30 batches. We love the scent, but the butterfly drop swirl we had in mind was definitely a no go...

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Maria & Bessi! I'm glad you love the scent of our Woodland Elves Fragrance Oil. Though, I'm sorry this fragrance oil gave you troubles and accelerated your soap! In our tests and recipes this scent did not accelerate trace. There can be other reasons for acceleration like soaping with high temperatures or additives.

CP - sticks well, but not special

Nice enough pine. Not a cheaper air-freshener pine or a Pine-sol pine. But I was expecting it to be a bit more special. I would buy again if I was placing a BB order and needed a pine scent.

Verified Purchase
I love this!!

OH, my goodness! This was the best Christmas fragrance. It smells just like a Christmas tree. Reviews said this fragrance traces very quickly, but I soaped at around 105 and did a white and green hangar swirl that turned out just lovely. Sprinkled some green and red Jojoba beads on top.

Verified Purchase
Love the smell but accelerates trace FAST

I love the smell of this fragrance oil. It does not seem like a Christmas fragrance to me, more like a spring wildflower field. I had imagined a beautiful swirled soap made with this but what I ended up with was a mess because it accelerated trace VERY fast!!! Next time I use this it will be one color and work fast! At least my family loves the smell which is good because they have a whole batch of really ugly soap to use up.

Verified Purchase
Wonderful in every way!

This fragrance is strong and pine-dominant. It's a green, wonderful pine and it's so festive. It makes me happy just smelling it in production so I stopped to write a review. You won't use as much due to strength. It's one of the most concentrated fragrances you will find. We don't use this in soap so we cannot say anything regarding soaping.