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Smells faint and lacking

I was really hoping to like this one, but even right out of the bottle, you can barely smell anything. I made a single wax melt with this to test how it does in it and you can still barely smell it. I guess I'll use to mix with other FO I have to not have wasted money on this junk

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Great smell; does accelerate

I love this scent! So crisp and piney! However, like other reviewers have stated, despite the fact that BB says that this performs well in cold process soap, it does accelerate. In the same day, I made 3 batches of soap before this one, using different FOs, and had no problems. I had my lye water at 120 degrees every time, with my oils a few degrees off from that. I use the immersion blender just to emulsify the oil and lye, but don't bring them to trace, then stir in the FO. This was the only one that thickened up immediately, and I had trouble doing a hanger swirl. I think that the label should be changed to state that this FO does accelerate.

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Smells great, behaves BADLY!

I am an experienced soaper. (I'm an admin for a 30,000 member soap making group fb page). I had never used this scent before but ignorantly based everything on bramble berry's promotion that it "behaves well in cold processed soap"- it does NOT. Unwittingly, I made a 12 pound batch of soap, planning a five color swirl...... I mixed the soap with the colorants and added the fragrance last. Almost immediately the soap batter got lumpy and clumpy and dry looking. It was terrible. I managed to get it all in the mold, but it will be one ugly soap. It should smell good though! Shame on you Bramble Berry, I have NO IDEA how you could say this behaves well in cold processed soap.

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Magical Scent

This is an amazing scent! Definitely can smell the christmas tree scents and definitely more spicey Christmas than just a tree. I get to cut the soap tomorrow but it is very powerful. I double checked my use and I measured for medium scent. I do hope it fades just a tad, otherwise I may use the light scent measure next time. (You do not hear that much with scents!). I got no acceleration and actually did a white and green swirl, topped with white and inserted white chunks for ice. Topped, with glitter of course. 😊

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This is a favorite of ours in HP soap. Smells like a walk in the forest.