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MC Davis
bees wax quality

Ive been reading the reviews and having owned bees and harvested wax that wax is gorgeous. The gray color is from the sites graphics I think. Raw wax is stinky and you wonder what the bees have been up to.

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great wax

Yes, it's smokey but after I make my lip balm and add my EO I get NO smiley smell. I think this works great!

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Very strong smell

I received this product yesterday and the smell is way more overpowering that the description or reviews suggest! I left the bag open in my closet to air out overnight and now everything in my closet smells like a stomach turning smoke. I had purchased this to make some last minute Xmas gifts but now I'm afraid to. Is there anything I can do to remove the smell?!?!

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Radha! I'm sorry about that. The smoke is part of the beekeeping process. Because this is a natural beeswax without the scent removed, that smoky smell does linger, as noted on the product page. If you're looking for a beeswax that will not affect the scent (or color) of your finished product, I would recommend using our White Beeswax.

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The yellow Beeswax is amazing using it in cold process soap as wall as lotion bars. Everyone loves the amazing smell of it. Bramble Berry has the best yellow Beeswax I have found in suppliers!!!

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This Beeswax is Indispensable!!!

This beeswax has become an imperative part of my skin routine. I started having skin irritation and allergy issues after applying self-tanners and it seemed as though nothing felt good on my skin. Now, I use the beeswax for a salve that I use made with coconut, grape seed and essential oils…and it is amazing!! The beeswax melts beautifully and provides wonderful consistency to the salve. I just placed a new order and can't wait to get it in! I love the beeswax, it's the best! I've used another beeswax from Whole Foods and it did not melt and provide any consistency to my salve recipe--only floated to the top. Yet, this beeswax mixed in my salve and feels incredible on my skin! Now I can't live without it!