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I did a layered CP of clays with this yellow, Brazilian Purple and French Green and the yellow was my favorite layer! It’s so happy, like a sunny day. This is my favorite natural colorant so far. Today I’m trying a whole batch of just this mixed with red sandalwood powder. I’m so excited!

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A little orange at first.

I was afraid this would end up coloring more or a yellow/orange, but after soapification it turned into a nice neutral yellow. I used it in a small 3lb batch of cedar wood and Ylang Ylang. This was actually a slow trace test recipe, the base was natural, with a 3 color mock butterfly swirl. I used 1/4 tsp of the yellow clay for 8oz of soap batter. I could have done less, as I only used about 3/4 of the mixed clay. The yellow turned out perfectly. It's not a bright yellow like you get from micas or ultra marines. That's not what I wanted, so this is just right. Thanks BB for all the great products at good prices!

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Beautiful deep yellow

Its like a dark gold very slight ghostly touch of orange yellow like a beautiful golden marigold flower. Love it so much I have used it twice and won't be without when I soap. Its a perfect deep natural yellow.

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Pleasantly Surprised

I bought the Brazillian Clay Sampler mainly to try the purple clay. I used the yellow first in a sugar scrub. It came out with a beautiful metallic gold.

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beautiful natural yellow color

I love this yellow color in cold process soap. It is a beautiful golden yellow when gelled and a muted yellow not gelled. I was also able to make a nice orange color by mixing it with madder root powder.