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Beautiful color and easy to use

I wanted something that will give my soap a color like turmeric and this pigment did perfect job. I mixed with olive oil and then added to soap mixture. Next time I will try to mix some other pigments and check the outcome.

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yellow oxide EVERYWHERE

All of my colorants and oxides where packed under my brand new 18 bad mold. Now there is yellow oxide all over my mold and all of my bottles and Citric acid bags. I am not happy and this will further delay the launch of my website since we have to wash everything and wait for it to dry. Other customers have complained about bad shipments. fragile bottles or containers should not be shipped in the same box as a heavy wood mold!

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Definitely an earthy yellow color. I think I personally had preconceived notions this would be a bit brighter then it actually was but its still a great colorant that has worked well for me both straight and mixed with titanium dioxide to make pastel shades for m&p.


I used this in my bergamont/orange soap, and it had a wonderful dark yellow color. I didn't have any of the suggested carrier oils, so I used sunflower oil and it worked great! I also didn't have a hand mixer (will get one in my next order tho) but a blender did the job. Really nice!

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GREAT color!

This stayed true to color (as picture showed above) and I added it to a purple and white striped soap and no bleeding at all. Mixed up very well with sweet almond oil with just one of the small white scoops I purchased here, no lumps.