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It's hard to describe the exact scent quality that Yuzu is, at times it smells like lemon, lime, grapefruit, and orange. It is a mild citrus scent that is perfect by itself or blended with others.

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Nice Citrusy Scent

I made this into a CP soap and it behaved very well. No problems. I also made some sugar scrubs and bath bombs with it and those worked out well too. It's hard to pick a favorite really, but this is up there at the top of the list.


I got yuzu in a sample pack and loved the smell. I used the small yuzu sample in a CP soap and 3 months later it still smells amazing.

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Lovely light citrus

I purchased this hoping for a lemon type scent that would stick. Mixed it with just a tiny bit of litsea and a bit of clay. Soap cured out with a light scent, but it stuck well. We're currently using the last bar in the shower some 5 months later, and its still lovely. Sold OK for me, but didn't fly off the shelves.

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give it a chance

this one took me a little while to like it. I LOVE citrus scents and was excited to smell something exotic like yuzu for the first time. when i first sniffed it i thought meh not much going on. then i went back and smelled it some more and it became more complex maybe because it wasn't ice cold and was room temperature. Its a light citrus fragrance and after smelling it several times i couldn't get enough. Its light, juicy and sweet. pair it with a floral and its a BIG winner.