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Not for candles!!! :(

I was so excited to use this scent in my candles. In the bottle it smells very strongly of Tang (the orange powder drink) but once it was mixed with the soy wax the scent was a beautiful bright citrus. Once it's lit, though, the hot throw has a bitter note similar to that of citronella :( Disappointing!!! I would add that it is not good for candles in the description as there is for the pineapple cilantro fragrance oil so others know. Maybe it's a citrus thing???

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
While all of our fragrance oils are safe for candles they are not designed for candles or tested in them. For this reason we recommend making a small test candle to make sure you like the burn smell / fragrance throw. For fragrance oils that are specifically designed in candles check out our Skin Safe Candle Fragrances. While you may not like the Yuzu Cybilla Fragrance Oil in candles it's still completely skin safe and can also be used in something like a reed diffuser, see an example in our Romantic Reeds Tutorial.

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It's a keeper

It is a bit weak, but 5 weeks in and it's is returning to a faint scent. It performs wonderfully in CP soap. I will continue to use it.

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Wonderful citrus fragrance

I accidentally ordered 3 of these and I'm glad I did! What a wonderful fragrance and it performed beautifully in cold process soap!

Wonderful and crisp

This smells so good and was no problem to work with in CP soap. I made a pretty rainbow swirl and had plenty of time to work.

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Even out of the bottle this scent is clean, bright, and fresh. It behaved just fine in cold process soap and after about a week of curing it's still going strong. One of my favorite scents I've purchased and I'll be back for more. Highly recommend this one :)