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I bought this fragrance after reading the reviews and am so happy I did! I thought it smelled great out of the bottle but the real surprise was from the cold process soap! AMAZING!! My husband and I both love it!! It sold super fast at my shows too!! Off to buy a bigger bottle now!

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Exotic and Unique

This is one of my best sellers with the men. To me it smells like an exotic island, a rich fragrance. Definitely a fan.

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Exotically Wonderful

This is a major favorite smell to me. I know every nose is different, I dont smell so much vanilla. Sweet sandalwood and musky spices are wonderful. Thank you,

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In case it isn't obvious from my title, I love this fragrance. This is my best selling fragrance and one of my top three fragrances overall. It's very popular with men and would make a great shaving soap scent. Women love it too for both soap and lotion. I highly recommend this scent--and I rarely make time to review products, so that should say something.

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Vanilla with undertones of other spices

This is a nice fragrance but the vanilla really popped out once I used this fragrance oil. It wasn't what I expected from the description, that's why it's a 3-average rating. If you like vanilla with undertones of sandalwood and the other spices listed, you'll like this one. It wasn't a big hit for me.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Jennifer! If you are looking for a spicier fragrance without as much as vanilla, you may enjoy the Arabian Spice Fragrance Oil!