About Us

Bramble Berry is a company built by makers, for makers. We bring together the best creative inspiration, expert guidance, and high-quality handcraft supplies, all in one place - so you can spend more time making and sharing the things you love.

Explore a curated collection of projects featuring fresh ideas from the Bramble Berry team, guest experts, and our maker community. Learn new techniques from easy-to-follow video tutorials. And get help when you need it from our dedicated customer service team of experienced makers. 

high-quality handcraft supplies from bramble berry

Bramble Berry specializes in the highest-quality handcraft supplies that we source from around the world. And we test every product in our lab because we know how important every project is to you.

We are a partner to you on your creative journey, and we can’t wait to see where it leads you next.

Our Mission 

We enrich lives by empowering creativity. 

At our core, we are a community of people who are passionate about creativity. We believe in its power to connect us and to bring love, happiness, and purpose into our lives.

That’s why together, it’s our mission and joy to foster a fuller community of makers by helping to unleash the creativity in each and every person.

We believe...

  • Creativity is essential.
  • Creativity helps us live with love.
  • Creativity is empowering.
  • Everyone is creative.

Our Founder and CEO

Bramble Berry Founder and CEO Anne-Marie Faiola has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. After an unsuccessful career in corrections, she took a chance and opened Bramble Berry in 1999. Anne-Marie put $15,000 on a credit card to buy a pallet of soap, 5 fragrances, and a handful of soap molds.

bramble berry ceo and founder anne-marie

We now have 60,000 customers, thousands of products, and more than 90 employees in several Whatcom County, WA locations. Even with the changes, our goal remains the same - help fellow entrepreneurs, sell high-quality handcraft supplies, and encourage everyone to be creative.

For Anne-Marie, it’s still hard to believe all of this came from a dream to teach people to make soap.

“Running Bramble Berry has been a unique gift with many challenges but even more opportunities and joys,” she said. “Being self employed feels like a gift in and of itself and the ability to help other women entrepreneurs all over the world is a dream come true.”

Learn more about Anne-Marie here.