Introducing the Farmers Market Collection

farmers market collection | bramble berry

If you’re ever feeling uninspired, head to your local farmers market. The sights, smells, and makers there are sure to get your creativity flowing. Our Farmers Market Collection will too – it has fresh products handpicked for you. Shop all the products here.

farmer market fragrance oils | bramble berry

Raspberry Jam Fragrance Oil
This sweet fragrance is a mix of lily, loganberry, rose nectar, and cranberry.

Blueberry Thyme Fragrance Oil
This scent is inspired by artisan cocktails. It has notes of lemon, Spanish rosemary, and vanilla.

6 Cavity Silicone Goat Mold
Create adorable goat soap with this sturdy and flexible mold.

Goat Milk Alfalfa

Bee Pollen Powder
This nutrient-rich powder adds a lovely yellow color to soap.

Spinach Powder
If you’re on the hunt for a natural green colorant, this is a great option.

Tomato Powder
This powder creates a gorgeous orange-red shade in handmade products.

Red Sandalwood Powder
This powder will give your soap a gorgeous red-purple hue.

farmers market powders | bramble berry

Raspberry Seed Oil
Keep your skin feeling smooth with this oil. It’s packed with essential fatty acids.