Why You Should Throw a Craft Party

Have you ever thrown a craft party?

Sewing circles and knitting circles seem pretty old fashioned, but you can host a get together based on any crafting activity. Sometimes we wait to see a crafting event thrown by a local shop or hobby organization, but you can throw a craft party on your own.

If you’ve never thought about throwing a craft party, you might think of some of the bigger get togethers and feel a little overwhelmed. It doesn’t have to be big, complicated, or difficult, though. 

We encourage everyone to try a craft party, and here’s why.

Craft party table set up


You can share your crafting passion

A lot of makers work on their crafts alone in a kitchen or dining room or studio. We still love it, but there’s nothing better than getting to share something you’re passionate about with people that you care about.

It’s hard to talk about crafting; people who haven’t had that shared experience sometimes don’t have enough information to be truly engaged with the conversation about the intricate details of soap making. But when you bring people together to experience the craft itself, there’s a bond of understanding formed. Everyone likes to share the things they love, and craft parties are a great way to do that.


Experience the social side of crafting

We all know there are benefits to crafting. You can keep your brain working well, exercise your muscles and joints (even if they’re just the ones in your hands), improve hand-eye coordination, and boost your mood.

These benefits are amplified and shared when you craft with other people. The mood boost can impact the whole group, and every participant gets the physiological benefits of making something. Learning something new is also a great way to exercise your brain.

But perhaps more important, you’re forming and strengthening bonds with other people. Because you’re all together working toward the same goal, you improve your ability to function as part of a team or community. Community is one of the things that improves overall quality of life for people. Isn’t that great?

Face mask craft party


Reconnect with friends and family

The COVID 19 pandemic  has had a huge impact on us all, both as individuals and as whole societies. The impact of isolation has been huge. Get togethers are much more possible now with the pandemic winding down, but it can be hard to get started again now that we’re out of the habit.

If you want an excuse to start holding social gatherings again, you don’t have to wait for the next holiday or birthday. Crafting is a great reason for you to get together with your friends and family and start reconnecting.

Getting together with friends and family can rebuild some of those community bonds, and help us get back in the habit of socializing regularly.


Introduce people to a new hobby

Hobbies have tons of benefits. They’re great for improving mood, easing stress, and keeping your brain in good shape. Part of that benefit is in learning.

So what better way to connect with and benefit your own community than introducing them to a new hobby?

A crafting party provides a low-risk and easy way for your friends and family to experience and learn about a new hobby. 
Sometimes, people are interested in crafts or hobbies, but don’t take the leap to actually starting them. This may be because they’re intimidated by the process of learning a new hobby, or they worry about the financial or space investment. They may also not be sure that they’ll actually enjoy the hobby once they start.

A craft party tackles all of these problems. It reduces or eliminates that cost to your party guests, and allows them to try a new hobby with clear instructions and a host to guide them. This makes a craft party fun, engaging, and even healthy for your friends and family members. After all, creativity is one of the best gifts you can give.

Salt soak party kit


You have built in DIY party favors

It’s always great to have a small gift to send your party guests home with as a memento of the time you spent together. Party favors can be a big additional expense to throwing a party, though. 

With a craft party, you already have party favors built into the party! Each guest gets to take the craft they worked on with them, so there’s no additional cost in providing the favors.

These mementos are all the more special because you and your guests worked on making them together. After all, handmade is best made.

Party kits


How to get started throwing craft parties

Okay, so you know why you should throw a craft party, but your head might be spinning with the number of things to source, buy, and organize to throw a craft party that’s a big success. 

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Bramble Berry has taken care of the hard part for you. Our party kits include the supplies you need to throw a craft party for you and five friends or family members. All you have to do is prep your space and provide the snacks.

There’s five reasons to throw a craft party, and one big way to make doing it easier. So what’s stopping you? Get started today with one of our party kits.

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