7 Reasons to Choose Container Candles

When you’re making candles, you have a lot of choices to make. The type of wax, any scents or colorants you’d like to add, and of course, the type of candle you want to make. When you’re thinking about what kind of candle to make, consider the humble container candle.

These are candles that are poured into heat-safe containers (usually pretty ones) and remain in those containers as they burn, as opposed to being molded and unmolded and sold without a container.
While all types of candles are good, there are some specific advantages to making and using container candles.

Beeswax candles

Container candles tend to be safer

Because container candles come with their own jar or other vessel, they tend to be safer than other candles. They’re harder to knock over, and hot wax is contained while the candle burns. They’re easier to safely pick up and move while still burning than candles without their own containers.
That having been said, no open flame is 100% accident proof. Always burn your container candles away from any flammable materials, and out of reach for children and pets.


Container candles usually have a longer burn time

Wax is what fuels candles, so the more wax, the longer the candle is likely to burn. Because container candles don’t drip wax (assuming proper use and care), there’s more wax overall. This means that your container candle is likely to last longer than another candle of the same size without a container.
Candle fans know the disappointment of using up the last of a favorite candle. When your candles last longer, you can enjoy them more, and have to replace them less frequently.


Container candles may have better scent throw

Because the container that a candle is poured into holds in the wax, container candles typically have a bigger melt pool, or the pool of melted wax on top of the candle, than other candles. This pool of wax creates hot scent throw, or the amount of scent from the candle while it’s burning. So a bigger pool of wax means more scent. Scented candles are expensive, and you want to get the most out of them!

Purple candles in tins

Container candles don’t need an additional candle holder

This is especially great when giving gifts! If you give a container candle, it’s a complete package. It comes with a heat-safe container, so it doesn’t need an additional candle holder for someone to use it. So if you give someone a container candle (or buy one for yourself) there’s no need to go out and buy an additional item. That means you can use your candle right away.


The containers are reusable

Once you’re done burning your container candle, you can repurpose it. They’re not too hard to clean out. You can fill a used candle container with hot water. The water will melt the wax, and the melted wax will float on top of the water. Once it cools, the wax will be solid and you can just remove it. Then you’re ready to wash the container with hot soapy water and dry it. Here are some ideas for reusing candle containers:

  • Use them to grow succulents
  • Organize office supplies
  • Hold grooming supplies in the bathroom.
  • Use them as salt cellars in the kitchen (but only if they have a lid!)
  • Use them as drinking glasses

And there’s way more than that. The uses for candle containers are almost endless.

Container candles are pretty

One of the great things about candle containers is that they’re usually pretty. That means that even when they’re not burning, they enhance the look of any room in your home. They can be clustered as centerpieces on the dining table, or they can accent floating shelves. They’re also pretty when reused as household containers.

Candles in clear glass goblets

Container candles are easy to make

This one is our favorite! Container candles are easy to make. You don’t have to fuss with molds or dipping. Just attach the wick to the bottom of your container, melt, mix, and pour. Plus, you can customize your candle, from the container to the wick to the wax, color, and fragrance. You can even reuse your empty candle containers, or repurpose fire and heat safe containers. You can check out our candle making kits to get started; they come with everything you need, including containers and wicks!

There you have it, some great reasons why you should choose container candles. There are a lot on the market to choose from. You can even make a batch of your own to give out as gifts or to keep for yourself.

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