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SomeTyme Place
Love this one

I am giving this fragrance five stars because: it is easy to work with; it is a great seller (one of my best actually); and I love how it smells. I renamed it Bubbling Brook because that is what I think of when I smell it :)

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great smell just not water-y to my nose

This actually smells to me like cherry koolaid w/o the sugar! I was expecting a more watery something, I guess because of the name but I was pleasantly surprised when I got it. Can definitely make a nice feminine bath/body line with this. Good summer scent!

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Very Fruity

The scent was very fruity to me and that overpowered most of the floral notes in it. It was still usable but not for the mixture that I intended to put it in. So if you wanted a mostly fruity and slight floral then this would be your scent.

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I don't know how BB did it but they bottled the scent of a Spring rain shower. Some rain/ocean products can smell artificial, but this is the perfect balance of clean, crisp rain with soft floral/ fruity notes. This is a great unisex smell.

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A seriously surprising scent!

I had expected this to be much more masculine/fresh, but it's a really nice sweet-ish scent with notes that are kind of tricky to pin down! I did find it to accelerate a bit, but certainly not unmanageable - just ended up doing a different type of swirl! Love this scent - will be buying a big bottle to add to my line! Thanks!