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Expensive for what it is

As my business grows, I'm looking for ways to save time, and hoped for good information from this book. The info is more common sense than amazing. But some things were incomplete. For instance, when she tells you how to master batch lye solution, there is no information on actually USING it: do I need to heat the solution, or can I soap with room temp lye? I've read that heating is dangerous--so how best to do it, if needed? A 28 page e-book is simply not worth $20. $5.99? Yes.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Lesli, thanks for your feedback regarding this product. We are always looking for ways to make our products a better value for our customers, so I appreciate this feedback. I reached out to the author and she said indeed, it is very dangerous to warm lye solution, and it can be used at room temperature. A new edition of the eBook will definitely be covering this in further depth. I will be emailing you personally to find out more regarding what you would have liked from this E-book. Thanks for being a customer!