How to Package Skincare Products

Once you perfect your skincare formula, the next step is choosing a container. There are several things to consider, including the recipe itself, how customers will use your product, and how well it will ship. Find the best option below!

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Types of skincare packaging

We a variety of skincare packaging supplies, including several lid options.

  • Glass - We have jars, bottles, and roller bottles. Glass is a great all-purpose option that you can use for lotion, serum, scrub, toner, balm, face wash, and more.
  • Plastic - The same goes for our PET plastic containers! We have BPA-free jars, tubes, and bottles, and you can use them for all your skincare recipes. 
  • Paperboard - This is our newest packaging option. The jars and tubes are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. They work well for oil-based recipes like balms and scrubs, but we don't recommend them for water-based recipes like toners.
  • Aluminum - You can use these for lotion, sprays, and more. They're epoxy phenolic lacquered bottles.

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How to choose the right skincare packaging

Your recipe
There are a few considerations with this one. The first is the consistency of your recipe - that determines both the container and the top. For instance, if you're making a super thick moisturizer, a great option is a small jar or plastic bottle with a disk cap. You want to avoid a pump top because it may get clogged up easily.

The same goes for spray tops. If you're making a water-based recipe with an added oil, we recommend using an emulsifier. That way the unmixed oil won't clog the top. If you want to skip the emulsifier, consider a disk top and tell the customer to apply it with a cotton pad instead.

The second thing to consider is the ingredients. Some are light sensitive and can fade faster in the sun, like certain colorants, vitamin C, or essential oils. For those recipes, it's best to use an amber container that offers UV protection.

If your recipe is mostly water, it's best to use plastic or glass instead of metal, which can rust unless it's stainless steel.  

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Ease of use for the customer
This is so important! How easy your products are to use could be make or break for a returning customer. First, consider the size. The user probably already has other products in their skincare routine, so a smaller and/or shorter container would fit in nicely. The same goes for cosmetics. Make sure they can fit in a drawer or on a countertop easily. Find cosmetic making supplies here.

Next, think about the way your customer will be using the product. If it's a gel or cream, they'll most likely be squeezing it out, so a plastic bottle with a disk cap is best. If it's a pump top, make sure the bottle isn't so big it topples over when they press down. For a thinner product like a serum, dropper tops make it easy to distribute the correct amount. Another thing to consider for jarred products is including an applicator - that makes it nice to use and can be more sanitary.

Then, once the customer is finished using the product, what do they do with it? Are the jars easy to recycle or reuse? Can they refill them with your product for a discount? That's an added value to think about.

Lastly, including usage instructions on the label can be really helpful. Especially with products like masks and exoliators - let them know how long to leave it on and how many times a week to use it.

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How it looks
There's no denying that customers are drawn to pretty packaging. It's also a chance to show off your work! If you created something colorful, put it in clear packaging so people can see. For more natural formulas, frosted bottles look nice.

This is also a great place for clean labels with clear branding and instructions. Check out skincare products on websites like Ulta or Sephora to see what's trending, then tailor it to your line. For instance, if your products are all natural, a subtle label with muted colors would be perfect.

How well it ships
Plastic and metal may be the better option here because they're not as likely to break as glass. They're also lighter, which can save on shipping costs.

No matter what you choose, make sure to pack them with plenty of shock-absorbing material. It can also be helpful to tape the lids closed and put something in between each jar so they don't hit each other during transit.

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Now you're ready to get started! Our skincare making kits come with everything you need, including elegant packaging.


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