Preservatives Quick Guide

preservatives quick guide | bramble berry

Preservatives are an important part of DIY bath and body care products. They help prevent mold and bacteria growth, which extends the shelf life of products and makes them safe to use. Find the preservatives we carry here.

They're recommended for products made with water or products that may get water splashed in during use. This post has information on whether they’re needed for soap, lotion, and more. Keep in mind these are general rules and may be different based on your preference, how the product will be used, whether you’re selling the product, etc. It’s a great place to start and adjust from there.

Cold process and melt and pour soap

Preservative: No

You never have to worry about adding a preservative to cold process or melt and pour. They have a pH level of 9-10, which doesn’t allow mold or bacteria to grow. Just another reason to love handmade soap.

swirling melt and pour soap | bramble berry

Liquid soap

Preservative: Optional
Amount 0.5-1% of the total weight
Type: Optiphen ND

Like bar soap, liquid soap has a pH level that doesn’t allow mold to grow. However, it does require distilled water for dilution. You can add a preservative to be extra careful or if you plan to sell it. The same goes for the Bramble Berry Liquid Soap Bases – you can add preservatives to the ones that need to be diluted, but the ready-to-use options are already preserved and don’t need extra.


Preservative: Yes
Amount: 1% of the total weight
Type: Geogard 221, Optiphen, Phenonip, or Germaben Preservative

Lotion always needs a preservative because it’s made with water. Without one, the shelf life will only be a few weeks.

handmade lotion with a preservative | bramble berry

Body butter

Preservative: No

This is a simple mixture of butter and oil. Because there’s no water and it will likely be applied to dry skin, don’t worry about a preservative. As always, you can add one if you plan to sell it.

Scrubs and bath salts

Preservative: Optional
Amount: 1% of the total weight
Type: Geogard 221, Optiphen, or Phenonip

While most scrubs and bath salts aren’t made with water, they are usually stored in the shower and can get water splashed in during use. We recommend a preservative for that reason. You can skip it if the recipe is for personal use and stored in a cool, dry area in between uses.

rose bath salts | bramble berry

Bath bombs

Preservative: No

Bath bombs don’t contain water so they don’t need a preservative. When choosing witch hazel to wet them, make sure it’s alcohol based or already has a preservative.


Preservative: No

Like body butter, balms don’t contain water and they’re usually applied to dry skin. You don’t need to worry about a preservative. That goes for body balm and lip balm.

Room sprays, linen sprays, and perfume

Preservative: Yes
Amount: 1% of the total weight
Type: Optiphen ND

If your recipe contains water, it will need a preservative. If not, check the ingredient list and make sure whatever you’re adding has one. For instance, Lavender Linen Spray is made with ingredients that already have preservatives. That means you don’t need to add another one. The same goes for recipes that are oil based.

lavender linen spray | bramble berry