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I love this!

Despite the description, I was worried this would smell like "pine," but I purchased this based on the "Oh my! Best Christmas Tree fragrance ever!" review. I opened it to smell and got some on my hands. I know I should wash them off, but it's such a delightful smell I just don't want to! It smells very much like Christmas trees, and just like the description says-it doesn't have a pine scent. I can't wait to use it!

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Oh my! Best Christmas Tree fragrance ever!

I made 4lbs CP soaps today with 2oz of this fragrance oil. Oh my... my house smells like Christmas Tree in September! 😆 I really like this fragrance and this will be in my "Christmas must buy list" every year! Thank you BB!

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Smells like a Christmas tree

I absolutely love this FO, smells just like walking around a Christmas tree lot, no acceleration or riding, will buy again

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It's Just Perfect!

I am not a fan of straight "pine" and this one isn't pine at all. It is spruce and I think the Sweet smells like a beautiful light white floral. This has been a top seller for me this Holiday Season (Expo's and Farmer's Market). I have no doubt this will be a year-round seller!

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Just used this for the first time. At first all I could smell was the sweet, but after pouring the fragrance there is a definite piney scent which I really like. Did not accelerate at all, but I was surprised at the bright canary yellow it turned my white soap. Even with the TD it's very yellow. I hope it lightens as it cures?