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Good Stuff

I've used this in three soaps now, and like it a lot. Very natural color, but in person it's more a grey with green tones - like slate. Still very nice, but "earth green" not "plant green." That said, the soap sample pic above must have used A LOT to get that deep color. With 1 tsp/pound my result was about half that deep (soap gelled). At 1/2 tsp/pound, it's a very subtle green hue not terribly different from uncolored soap. I would love to see BB include dosage recommendations on pigment description pages.

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As a natural colorant, sea clay is wonderful. You get a nice color without using a lot, so for the price, it's a bargain. Adds a nice texture to soap, but not scratchy. Goes well with the green clay and yellow clay for a great color combination. Very happy I got this!

Nikki - Belmont Soap Works
Fantastic Facial Mask!

I got a 1 oz. package of this clay and made a beautiful facial mask by mixing it with Sea Buckthorn extract, Aloe extract, Carrot extract, Oat extract and Kukui Nut oil. It felt amazing, and left my skin so soft. The moisturizing effect lasted all day! My face still felt good that evening when I washed my make up off. I will definitely be adding this to my line of products!!

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nicer color

I just wanted to add that I think this comes out a nicer color (a little more green) in cold process soap than it appears in the above photo. Love using the clays to color my soap. Gives them a much more natural "earthy" look.

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I love it!

Made a sample bar before rolling out to my customers. Five ladies tested the samples. My sample was made using 8 oz of goats milk m&p, 1 tsp of sea clay (not overflowing), not quite a 1/2 tsp of castor oil, 1/8 tsp of black luster mica, and fragranced with Black Amber and Lavendar (its my newest favorite scent, 5 drops) ... Slightly exfoliating, not scratchy or harsh. Personally, I thought it was going to dry my skin because of the clay - nope, non-drying. AMAZING! Washed my makeup off in one washing, lathered nice, my skin was glowing after use. The black luster made the soap look more steely instead of green/gray. I have to get a big jar of this stuff and keep in my soap closet.