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Fragrance fades

Wholesale customers are now complaining that the fragrance fades to nothing. It used t be great and a good seller. I did not realize the fragrance had been reformulated. Although I understand why that happens it is the 4th time with Brambleberry fragrances for me and each time it has been a problem so I am always hesitant when I notice that has happened.

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I used this in mp soap. The first time it was beautiful smelled great then the same customer ordered more so I ordered more fragrance it was awful. I called and they said it was next to mossy fragrance so I must have ot the wrong kind. Received it again used it and added extra thinking maybe more was needed still bad only scent is barely Sandalwood in the meantime ordered a larger bottle which I am stuck with and a unhappy customer who doesn't want her product. Something changed in this fragrance from Oxt 2015 to May 2016.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Linda! I'm sorry this scent was not what you were expecting. We love the deep, woody smell of our Sensuous Sandalwood Fragrance Oil, a straight sandalwood scent! Though this scent was reformulated in July 2014 to be phthalate-free, we did find it to still be very true to its name. Customer service has contacted you directly to help resolve this issue.

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Fellow soaper raved about this FO, and although many of the reviews mentioned little to no fragrance anymore, I tried it... Only to discover those reviews were correct. There is no fragrance at all after one day in the mold.

Wonderful in the bottle - Poor quality in MP soap

Love the smell while the Sens-Sandalwood is in the bottle. Used the "recipe" helper to get the MP to scent correct. Heavy scent is what was needed: strong 0.88 for 32oz of Mango & Shea MP. Soap was 120 F, added colorant, then fragrance oil. After the loaf cooled and it was cut there was no scent of sandalwood detected. Wet a bar thinking it would "active" the smell - nope. Waited a few days so perhaps it would "cure" (MP generally does not have to cure I know), hoping scent would "wake up". It did not.

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Just didn't hold up - faded out

Hi, Brambleberry. I used your Sensuous Sandalwood Fragrance Oil at the "Strong" level in my CP soap and only had the slightest hint of what I'd describe as "campfire" smell after cutting and curing for several weeks. Out of bottle, there was barely any fragrance, but I thought that the magic of soapmaking would bring out the beautiful fragrance. 1.91 ounces in a 38.2 oz batch of basic CP soap (following the Fragrance Calculator) and nada! I purchased the FO to make a custom order for a customer and after weeks of waiting, have to tell her that it didn't turn out. SOS!!