Makers Who Started with Our Kits

Kits are a great option if you're just getting started making bath and body products. Ours come with supplies and printed instructions to make it easy. From there, you can try more bath bomb projects and eventually start formulating your own recipes.

These 4 small business owners got started with Bramble Berry kits, so we asked them to share their experiences and where they went from there. Learn more below.

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natural bath bomb kit from bramble berry

Julie, Soaperie + Co.

Julie started making soap in 2015. She left her job in finance to spend more time with her kids, and she was on the hunt for creative outlets.

The first soap she made was the Natural Soap Kit for Beginners - Relaxing Lavender. From there, she made the Refreshing Lemongrass and Energizing Orange versions. Julie said they're a great way to get started because they come with supplies, instructions, and how-to videos.

"Building confidence is such an important part of making cold process soap (especially in the early days), and these kits really do give you the support you need to feel confident," she said.

Today, Julie sells her beautiful and elegant bars. She also shares her creations on Instagram to more than 27,000 followers. Learn more about Soaperie + Co. Interview with Julie of Soaperie + Co.

soap tops by soaperie + co

Soap tops

Malina, Ojai Botanika

Malina started making soap when she was only 15. After a friend showed her how to make soap, Malina started reading Bramble Berry articles and watching Soap Queen TV to learn more. Her first batch was the Beginner's Cold Process Soap Kit.

"The kit was the perfect way to help me dive into the world of soap making," Malina said. "It was super easy to work with as a beginner, with clear, concise instructions and a wonderful base recipe."

After that, she started testing out recipes, then her own formulas and designs. Malina now sells beautiful bars made with natural colorants and essential oils - learn more about her in this interview.

handmade soap by ojai botanika

Ojai Trails, Topa Topa, and Pink Moment soap

Jayme, Salt & Shea

Like many of our customers, Jayme couldn't use harsh store-bought soap. Four years ago, she started researching soap making and then her mom bought her the Beginner's Cold Process Soap Kit.

"As soon as I made my first batch I was hooked!" Jayme said. "I bought a few other fragrance oils and essential oils from Bramble Berry and got to soaping."

Her first few recipes were simple and had a little texture on top. As with all makers, Jayme learned a few lessons along the way. For instance, whole oatmeal can be a bit harsh on the skin and too much red can run in the tub. 

With practice, Jayme has perfected elegant designs and packaging. Learn more in the Interview with Jayme of Salt & Shea.

gift box by salt and shea

Gift box

Lei Lei, L3O Soaps

Lei Lei's first experience with soap making was when her husband bought her the Beginner's Cold Process Soap Kit. She accidentally added too much castor oil, which caused the soap to accelerate. However, she said it was surprisingly lovely to use.

From there, she tried the Almond Chocolate Lavender Soap, which introduced her to the idea of natural exfoliants. Lei Lei started making bars with coffee grounds, poppy seeds, and walnut shells. Next she tried alternative liquids like beer and tea.

"I think more than anything, Bramble Berry kits made cold process soap less intimidating," she said. "Once I had a few batches under my belt, I really felt empowered to add my own twist or to change up the recipe to fit my own needs."

Lei Lei now sells soap - she's known for her creative and intricate designs. Learn more about her in the Interview with Lei Lei of L3O Soaps.

flower soap by l3o soaps

Flower soap tops


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