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Flower with Big Dipper Wax Works and Life by Ritual has been making candles for more than 20 years. She loves sharing the gift of light with others. On top of that, she makes soap, herbal body products, and pottery. Over the next few months, Flower will be sharing her creative energy and beeswax expertise with you! She designed several candle projects for Bramble Berry and she'll be featured in upcoming videos. Flower is also collaborating with our creative team to bring you even more projects in the future. Stay tuned for more!

valentine's day candles by big dipper wax works

Valentine's Day candles

How long have you been making candles and how did you get started?
I have been making candles just over 20 years now! Big Dipper Wax Works founder, Brent Roose, was making candles out of his garage a few years before we became friends. I was fascinated by the process and materials, and when Brent decided to take Big Dipper Wax Works to the next level, I was fully on board!

flower with big dipper wax works

How did you get started at Big Dipper Wax Works, and what is your role now?
Throughout the years I have had the opportunity to wear all of the hats. I began as a maker and shipper, salesperson, creative, brand manager, HR manager; and now I have settled on the title general manager. With every year, we have grown in size and my job responsibilities continue to change. I love the community of craftspeople at Big Dipper Wax Works and I try to cultivate and nourish it. I love developing new scents and products, but I also relish in the steady rhythm supplied by being in business for over 20 years.

What’s your favorite type of candle to make?
I love dipping tapers, which is the first product Big Dipper Wax Works created. It's a foundation of our product line. It takes time, patience, repetition, and devotion to the task. It is very meditative and so fulfilling when completed!

taper candles by big dipper wax works

Taper candles

Why do you prefer beeswax? 
Beeswax is the least processed of all candle waxes and comes from the sustainable industry of honey farming. It has a naturally sweet smell and a brilliant golden light…what’s not to love? It is infused with the energy of the hive and contributes to the proliferation and health of honey bees, which are a keystone species. Bees are a primary pollinator to one third of the food crops in the United States. Without bees and other pollinators, the landscape of our lives would drastically change!

What essential oil blend are you loving right now? 
I am so in love with lemon essential oil right now. I have two blends I adore, lemon blended with geranium and lemon blended with cedar, nutmeg, and ylang ylang.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start making candles?
My greatest piece of advice would be to be authentic! It is easy to be influenced by other companies and trends. To be successful, we have to find what lights us up and is in alignment with our values and ideals. When we work from our own singular, unique purpose, success is right around the corner!

What inspires you to create? 
The world around me. I am deeply inspired by nature, but also by moving through life in a conscious way. Art and beauty can be found in everything.

beekeeping for big dipper wax works


What is your favorite Bramble Berry product and why?
As a hobby soap maker, I purchase all my soap making materials from Bramble Berry. There always seems to be a few additions to my cart; there are so many products that stoke my creativity!

Tell us something unusual or unique about yourself!
I love the opportunity to create and grow! I am always learning and challenging myself to gain new skills and knowledge in a variety of areas. I love all the possibilities that life has to offer!

What advice would you give to makers who want to sell candles? 
Part of our success is to never compromise or cut corners on quality ingredients. Also, great customer service goes a long way!!

big dipper wax works testing ingredients

Testing ingredients

What are some of your other hobbies and interests?
I love to craft and make soap and herbal body products. I also make pottery, teach yoga and meditation, garden, and have a general love of living!

Have you ever experienced a candle fail? How did you work through it, and what did you learn?
I am built on candle fails! Beeswax can be tricky to work with; there are so many variables to create a truly quality-looking and well-burning candle. When failure happens, I just hone in on variables and start to pick apart where it went wrong. Wax temperature, room temperature, tools, wick options, and essential oil variables can all have a play in the outcome of a candle. Patience is key in any learning adventure. Taking good notes can help a lot too!

What do you love most about creating candles?
I like the process but I really LOVE the outcome. There is something so satisfying about sharing the gift of light with others. I get warm and fuzzy knowing that there are people all over the world bringing the power of the hive and the warmth of our dedication to our craft into their homes!

fall candles by big dipper wax works

Fall candles

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