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Great item if you want really big bevels

This beveler is easy to use and cleanly takes the edges off your soap. My only issue with it is that the bevel is too big. It just takes off too much soap. If you could only adjust the bevel thickness this would be a 5 star review, but since it is not adjustable I can only give it 3 stars. Unfortunately, this just takes too much off my soaps so I will not be using it very much, if at all. Very disappointed, as it has so much potential, it just falls short for what I need.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jeffrey! I'm sorry this tool isn't going to work out for you! We love the Soap Beveler though it does take a good amount of your bars to create those professional looking beveled edges. See an example of the soap it creates in our 5 Tips to Create Professional Looking Soap blog post. Customer service has contacted you about a return :-)

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Not what I'm looking for

I'm sure this is a great beveler. However, it takes entirely too much off of my bars. You can not adjust the depth of the wire either. I've unfortunately wasted money on a beveler that I can not use.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Amanda! I'm so sorry this beveller is not going to work out for you. Customer service has contacted you directly about a return. :-)

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Not a bad product, just not for me

I was excited to try this product as I thought it would save me quite a bit of time over my current beveling process. Unfortunately, I just can't use this beveler. It takes off over 0.5 ounces of soap per bar (beveling all edges) and it would put almost all of my bars under my required weight. It does a nice job of creating clean bevels, but it just won't work for me. Back to hand beveling for now. I was also tightening the adjustment screw on the back in an attempt to create a smaller angle and I ended up snapping the wire. Oops.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Robert! I'm sorry this product didn't work out for you. We love the clean edges our Soap Beveller creates, as seen in the 5 Tips to Create Professional Looking Soap blog post. Customer service has a contacted you directly to help with a return. :-)

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No way to attach it

I really love the beveled edge that I get on my soaps but I thought there would be a way to attach it to the edge of my counter with a bench hook?

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Lori! I'm so glad you love the beveled edge this tool gives your bars, though I'm sorry it was not what you were expecting. This beveler is meant to hang over the edge of a counter. That secures the tool in place so your soap slides smoothly over the wire. :)

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The first one was awful, the second one is fantastic!

I am very sad to report that (for me) this was a huge waste of money. I got this in the mail today and immediately tried it out on my bars. I tried it out on cubes, loaf bars, half rounds and square bars and every single time it tore the corners off my soap. I thought it might just be me so I had 3 different friends try it out and every time it tore the corners. I tried it on hard bars that had cured for months and new bars that had only been curing a few day and everything in between. I tried it on soaps made from different recipes thinking it might be some specific ingredient causing them to tear, but no. Every single bar was torn at the corners. I should have stuck with my vegetable peeler. This is completely unusable. Looks like another lackluster tool to be shoved in the soap room closet... :( Update: Brambleberry contacted me and sent me a new beveler very quickly. The new one worked like a charm and I love the way it makes my soaps look. Thanks for the awesome support BB!