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wonderful butter

I haven't had the chance to try this in my products yet but I did try it on my skin to see how it feels and I LOVE it!

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Creamy and very little scent

I have tried avocado butter from other vendors, but this one is the best by far. It is so smooth and creamy and it has very little scent (I detected no chemical scent at all). I love this for making the Mango Avocado Balmy Salve I found on Soap Queen. I add a little Lavender, Clary Sage and Chamomile essential oil and it is my favorite as well as my sisters. So nice for softening your dry skin and wonderful after shaving your legs.

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Love this butter!

I Love this Butter! I have purchased Avocado Butter from another supplier and the product I received was a slushy runny product that I wasn't impressed with. Brambleberry's Avocado butter is white and thick and rich, and you can feel the quality! Works wonderfully in CP soap. I have a new favorite butter and I want to use this in everything now!

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Bayfront Naturals
THE Best !!

This is by far the most consistent quality and best price I have found. I won't use any other butter in my whipped body butter. It always whips up smooth and creamy! Thank You BB!!

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Stephanie M

I love this butter! It's a great alternative to shea and other nut butters that people tend to be allergic to more often. I use it in soap, lotion bars and some other random products that I make. It always adds a nice luxurious feel that I love. I also like that it doesn't really have a noticeable odor. I would definitely recommend this avocado butter!