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I love the color. I also add yellow to bring out more orange.

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Gorgeous but fades

I used this gorgeous orange in goat's milk M&P for Orange Creamsicle soap. Before even wrapping it started to fade in the light coming in the window. I had the soaps out (under a tent) yesterday and they faded more. So disappointed and looking for another orange.

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pink color

This color makes a beautiful pink, but I really wanted orange. Wish I could fix this problem, but seems to be the colorants actual color is just not orange.

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Not Orange

This is a beautiful color but definitely NOT the color of a tangerine. It's coral. I checked two different computer screens as well as my iphone to see if I just looked at it wrong. Unfortunately, when holding the actual container up to the website's photo, the product I received is very pink in comparison. Still pretty but I was hoping to use it in a pumpkin themed soap.

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Nice, strong color

I agree with another reviewer who mentioned that the orange is more of a coral-y orange than tangerine, but it's still a beautiful color. This is the first colorant I've played with, and outside of the slight color discrepancy (probably caused by my laptop screen settings), I love this product. It's so easy to use and it disperses perfectly. This, and I assume the other powder-based colorants, are great even for newcomers to soap making; assuming your batch is made well and you don't try to mix it in at a thick trace, it's almost fool-proof. I had avoided working with colors despite making several batches over the past year, but this has me sold.