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Causes graininess

I use as directed and have had both batch of CP soap develop a thick grainy layer on top. Used with Brambleberry Midnight Waters FO.

Chloe from Bramble Berry replies...
Our Vanilla Color Stabilizer is more effective in Melt and Pour soap.

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Maria - Kokolele
Great !!

I have years using this product, it is super-great, I always use in all my MP design...perfect!

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Works for *some* FO

I've had really mixed results using this in CP soap. Used with Surplus Cherry Almond FO, it did a wonderful job of keeping my soap cream colored instead of brown. Using it with Brambleberry's Blueberry did absolutely nothing. So disappointed to now have a giant batch of blueberry scented BRIGHT yellow soap. I'd recommend making a test bar to see if it works for your particular FO.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Vanilla Color Stabilizer is meant for use with melt and pour soap, not cold process. It only works marginally well in CP before the soap will eventually discolor. Find out more in our "Why Did my Soap Turn Brown?" blog post.

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Confused on ingredients

I was really wanting to try out this vanilla stabilizer, but I can't find an ingredient list. I make sure all ingredients are listed on the labels and listing as 'vanilla stabilizer' isn't a viable options. What's in this stuff?

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Kelly J
Never Again.

I was so excited to use this! I wanted this product for my Vanilla Peppermint Soap. I use the Warm Vanilla FO along with Peppermint EO. I throw in a little Titanium Dioxide to give the bars a nice white look. Tried and true recipe. Used the Vanilla Color Stabilizer for the first time last night, which I just ordered and received last week, so it's as new as it's gonna get. I noticed it was cloudy on the bottom, so I gave it a good shake before adding to my oils. What struck me as odd is that I ended up having to add more FO