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This packaging is awesome!

Palm is called for in so many recipes and it can be a pain to deal with since it MUST be melted before measuring. I picked up the 7 lbs bag and it is so easy to use! Thank you thank you for making it so easy to measure! It is also important to me that this palm oil comes from sustainable sources.

So convenient!

I love the little 1# bags. They are so easy to throw in the microwave and heat up the palm oil. I love using the palm oil in my soaps to give it firmness and lathering properties. I am glad you support responsible and sustainable palm oil.


I love this oil, but I can get it from other 'sustainable' sources much easier and much faster than from Brambleberry. So far, every order that I have gotten from them has not come to me sooner than 14 days after I have ordered it. The first order I placed we had already moved to the east coast. I thought, hmm, maybe that is why it's taking so long. But, then I noticed that they are sitting on orders for 2 and 3 days. Not to mention that once it leaves Bellingham, it has a layover in some other port still in Washington state. It takes it a week to get out of Washington!! Then, I thought, maybe it's because the order has FO in it. Well, I can get other places to ship the same sizes of FO overnight. I want to keep ordering from Brambleberry, but to have to wait so long for my products is on my last nerve. Looking for other sources for all my other items, as well. I'm done.

Love the bag!

the bag the oil comes in is so handy! It is so much easier to melt and mix the oil when it is in a bag. It works wonders in my cold process soap, together with coconut and olive oil. Glad to know it is from a sustainable source as well :) Thank you!


Is there a difference between palm oil and Palm butter? I have a recipe calling for Palm butter but I can't seem to find it? Thanks