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Verified Purchase
Love these!

The ropes themselves are very soft as is the plastic area that holds the ropes together. It anchors in the soap well. Highly recommend.

Verified Purchase
I like the new ropes

Thank you for revamping the ropes. I like using them and will be ordering more.

Not sure

I have mixed emotions about this product. After making my soap on rope and handing it over to my customer to try out, she informed me that the rope is held together by this disk shaped plastic scratched and caused bleeding. I take care of my customers, and of course, satety is important. I am so disappointed that I may have to discontinue making soap on the rope because I LOVE how nice it look, but I am not looking for a law suit either. I am thinking of cutting the plastic that holds the rope together and cutting the plastic off so it wont scratch or cause harm. Other than that, I love the way it made my soap look so professional.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Tammie! I am so sorry that happened to your customer! It sounds like you may have gotten a defective product. We are always looking for ways to improve our products, and of course the safety of our products is our highest priority! We have never experienced this issue when using our soap ropes, but we will certainly pass your feedback on to the manufacturer. There definitely shouldn't be any sharp spots on those ropes! I will also email you personally to resolve this issue.