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I was so excited but...

I really wanted this stick blender to work for me. I was upset when cuisinart ruined the perfect blender by adding a safety button on top so when this came out with the adjustable blade speed I was ready to buy. Unfortunately after many tossed batches of soap and wearing my lotion ingredients repeatedly, I just can't make it work. I think the issue is that the well is too shallow. The bowl that the blades sit in is not deep, so the blender is sucked (with force) to the bottom of the bowl. In soap I come to a thick trace almost instantly and in lotion the force sends my ingredients flying. No matter what adjustments I make the the controls I can't make this stop happening. I guess I will go back to putting gorilla tape over the button of my cuisinart. Overall I love Brambleberry, this just wasn't a winning product.

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A good stick blender

I really wanted to love this stick blender. The low profile bell on the blender is perfect, this stick blender has good power too. While a little awkward for cleaning, the screws inside the bell look like they are there so you can replace the rubber seal when it wears out which is good! The only thing that keeps this from being the perfect, never buy anything else, soaping stick blender is that the shaft is too short. It just barely manages to be talk enough for a batch to fill the 5 lb mold and is too short for the double batches I make. I love it for small batches to make embeds because of the low profile bell. If it was 2 inches taller I would be in heaven, 1 inch taller and I could make it work. As is I use it only for smaller batches.