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Used 3 times and it’s busted

I don’t typically leave poor feedback, but I couldn’t let this one go. I received this stick blender in a kit. I was so excited to start making soap to only have it broken the 3rd time I used it right in the middle of mixing. The metal shaft stops spinning and falls out. Just frustrating.

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Broke quick!! In the middle of mixing!!

I bought this stick blender less than a year ago. It worked great until I was in the middle of mixing up a batch of CP soap. It just fell apart in the bowl! That was unpleasant. I can not reccomend this product, unless you want to have raw cp soap all over your body, countertops and cabinets.

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Too Much Power

I purchased this because I wanted a blender that would last longer than 9 months. Since using this blender all my soap traces VERY quickly...often too thick to do my planned design...I have turned it down to the lowest and even taped the button so I don't accidentally push the wrong one. It has not changed the results. The speed remains constantly high. I'llm go to the store and buy a "cheapy" that I can use confidently .

Excellent stick blender!

This is the SECOND free one from Brambleberry. Both have been great and now I have a backup when one eventually fails. Thank you so much, Brambleberry!!!! I was going to buy another like the one I have because it has been an incredibly reliable one. The poor reviews here made me decide not to purchase this one. HOWEVER, Brambleberry was INCREDIBLY generous at Thanksgiving and gave this one as a free gift and it has been excellent. I make a batch of soap every single week and I have done liquid soap with potassium hydroxide (a TON of stick blending) and this one has held up beautifully. Thanks for the free, excellent quality stick blender!

Working well so far!

I've used this blender twice now and it seems to work really well! I like that it offers more speed control than the stick blender I had been using previously. I haven't had any issues yes, but I will update if this ever changes.