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Blue Gold

This was my first time trying Brambleberry's German Chamomile but I am very pleased with it. It ranks right up there with other quality brands I have purchased. I love the smell and use it in a pain blend and just for the pure pleasure of sniffing it!

Verified Purchase
German Chamomile

The only real, true blue German Chamomile I can find. It does not smell as nice as Roman Chamomile, but it works much better for pain and inflammation. I have not found this oil to be diluted. If used in a diffuser you might want to give it a stir. It's extremely hard to find the blue German Chamomile. Don't even waste your time looking elsewhere if you want the real blue oil.

I suspect this is not pure essential oil

I bought German Chamomile from here ~2 years ago, when I did not know much about essential oils. When I get a chance to study more about Aromatherapy this year, suspected the oil is not pure. I put this oil in my diffuser two weeks ago and the oil sinks down to the bottom and left a nasty blue greasy residue in my diffuser. When I saw that, I suspected the oil had been adulterated. I immediately bought a bottle of German Chamomile oil from another vendor specializing in high quality essential oils and the oil I put in the diffuser does not leave any residue at all. If you are looking for German Chamomile for its therapeutic value, you most likely will be better off getting it somewhere else

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Helen! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this product though I can assure you that our Chamomile, German, Blue Essential Oil is 100% pure and unadulterated, as are all of our essential oils. The only exception being our Ylang Ylang III Essential Oil which is 80% pure and 20% nature identical oils to boost the scent which is noted for transparency right on our product page. Though, this essential oil very likely would leave a blue residue in a diffuser as it is blue in color. We usually recommend adding a lightweight carrier oil to any fragrance or essential oils you use in a warmer as they are not cut with any carriers.

facial bar

This mixed with ylanglll and love spell in cold process activated charcoal makes for the perfect facial bar! Smells amazing in this scent combination! Does not take alot for 5pounds of soap. I used the 5/8 bottle with one part love spell, one part ylanglll. You will not be disappointed. Otherwise yes this does not smell that pretty.

Verified Purchase

I bought this to make the After Sun Lotion and added just what the recipe called for and it make the lotion smell really bad. I'm not very happy considering the cost!

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Shelley! I'm sorry to hear the scent of this essential oil was not your favorite. If you are looking for another floral essential oil, you may enjoy the Chamomile Roman, Domestic Essential Oil or the Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil.