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worst base ive tried out of 6 clear bases

Hazy instead of clear,turns to rubber before i can pour it and sweats!

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jane! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this soap. We love the SFIC Clear Melt and Pour Base and the variety of projects you can create with it, though it is not a crystal clear base. If you want to make the base clearer for embedding projects, you can use the bluing technique seen in Soap Queen TV Episode 4: Embedding in Soap. Sweating is also a natural part of melt and pour soap, find out more about it in our Augh! What's THAT All Over My Soap?! blog post. If you're wanting a low-sweat base, you may prefer either the SFIC LCP Clear Melt And Pour Soap or SFIC LCP White Melt And Pour Soap. As far as the rubbery texture goes, that normally happens when melt and pour begins to burn. I would recommend checking out our How to Avoid Burnt Melt & Pour blog post for tips on how to prevent that.

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good base

amazing melt and pour clear base but the 25 block is hard to cut and has pieces of plastic bag stuck between huge block of soap. Other than that the quality is great. Just having trouble cutting and picking out small chunks of plastic out of my soap.

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BB is THE place to get your base!

I used this clear base as well as the goat milk and they are both wonderful bases to work with. As a beginner, I ordered a few pound of clear base to start. As soon as I got them, I placed another order immediately! And ordered a lot more!! ;) Not having any issues mixing with color blocks but it does seem to harden quicker when using liquid colors. Still love it and will continue to buy more!

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great product

This was my first attempt at making soap and the product was great. A little goes a long way. I'll be ordering more when I need it.

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Great product

I received some of this in a kit Dec 2014 as part of the DIY Handmade Beauty box (loofah soap). I made it and gave the original 6 bars away as "samples" with other orders. Recently (as those originals are now being finished up by the customers) I am getting requests for "the best soap ever" mostly from men. People love the soap and the added loofah feels very nice on the skin.