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cocoa butter cashmere fragrance

Love this. Used in cold process soap. Behaved well, no acceleration. Worked the fact that it discolors to brown into my design. Made a matching lotion. This is a lovely fragrance!

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This is pure heaven for your nose! I don't even know how to describe it, it's definitely my favorite! It's sensual, but in a foodie way, mmmmm! I like it best alone, but it mixed very well with Chocolate Amber & also Black Opium! Made a great lotion already, can't wait to try the whipped body mousse!

Wonderful, comforting, soothing scent

This fragrance is absolutely divine. Soft and comforting to wear. I made the Cocoa butter cashmere body mousse that was a project suggestion when I bought the autumn scent sampler. With the harsh winter we have been having I started slathering up my dry hands, but it seemed when I used this mousse the flakiness spread and got worse in areas that weren't so chapped before. Unfortunately I had to stop using my wonderful fragrant lotion on my hands. Perhaps it is just a combination of factors, but do take heed to watch your own skin for signs of drying. The rest of my sample bottle will likely end up in soap next! I want to enjoy it somehow. ;)

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Homely Animal
Hold on a second.....

I have heard a vicious rumor that this scent might only be a temporary additional to the Brambleberry fragrance oil line. I would never ever ever put what I’m smelling from this little amber bottle into a season selling window! This fragrance is a warm latte on a cool spring morning, summer sun-bathing at the lake while you dry off lying on a wooden deck, or an autumn movie night snuggle with your man, and of course.. a warm winter scent to indulge and treat yourself when it’s snowing outside. Can you see that this smell has a place in every season? Brambleberry, have I convinced you? Please keep this scent forever AND offer it year round. To those who are thinking about trying it to see if you like it…. You will.

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Absolutely wonderful

I love this scent, and my customers do as well. I can't keep it in stock. I use it with cocoa and Shea Butter in a whipped body Butter. Also in bath bombs, soaps, and sugar scrubs. It's divine.