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If I could give this 6 stars I would- its soft but very distinct. I think it could actually be a unisex fragrance as well. I tried my own variation of the cocoa butter cashmere body butter recipe on soap queen and it really does pair well with the cocoa butter fragrance. This is definitely a keeper!

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Complex, Sophisticated

Sweet cocoa butter scent combined with an upscale, complex floral / elemental fragrance. Beautiful & strong, this FO doesn't want for anything. Would look very cute with marshallow embeds or mitten embeds on the top. Love the deep brown "discoloration" -- saves mica!

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Warm, cozy FO

This is a very warm, relaxing fragrance and a little on the sexy side. It loses most of the fruit scent that you get OOB in CP soap, which deepens the warth factor. For a summer fragrance I am going to add Orange 10x EO, but as is am going to add to winter theme. Great scent!

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Candle Review

I tested this at 6% in IGI 4630 wax. This has a very nice hot throw. The scent is sweet, warm and comforting. I’ll say I have to disagree with some of the other reviews saying that this smells sexy — to me it’s like being wrapped into a cozy blanket. It’s all a matter of individual interpretation of course. Nonetheless, this is a great scent and I highly recommend!

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Love it!

I am a NB to cold processing and I’m so glad that I brought this fragrance despite the negative reviews. I have to say that it did not speed up trace and did behave well just as the label states. I will be buying more. Thank you