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Very nice

This scent is really nice, its nice and strong so you dont have to use alot, it does discolor to brown in cold process but I put a little titanium dioxide in to start and did a gray swirl, it looks really neat it did not all turn dark brown just some of it so with the swirl it looks kinda cool. Will buy this one again.

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the best

This one is definitely my very favorite scent that bramble berry carries! It has such a nice soft, sensual and sexy scent. I sold out of this one quick, I have made a double batch since then. I’m glad too because people have been asking to let them know as soon as it’s cured :) great scent! Behaves well in CP.

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Too Strong

Purchased this because it had great reviews, but the scent does not appeal to me at all. It is very strong and almost fruity. Not warm, sexy or comforting....too much like perfume. Bummed it's not eligible for return.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Cocoa Butter Cashmere does have a fruity note out of the bottle though we found once diluted in product that dramatically reduces and you're left with a warm, sweet scent. If you're looking for other warm and comforting scents you may prefer Cedar and Amber Fragrance Oil, Warm Flannel Fragrance Oil, or Honey and Leather Fragrance Oil.

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Oh what a wonderful surprise

I was very unsure about this scent, except that I loved it. I wanted it for a cp soap, but instead used it in a body butter using cocoa butter natural. Between the chocolate scent from cocoa butter and the cocoa butter cashmere it was a winner. Love your products.

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Bayfront Naturals

I used this in cp soap, and everyone loves it, men, women, teens. It’s a seductive yet comforting scent. Even tho it turns dark brown, I just put a gold mica line in it, and some gold mica painting on the top. It is gorgeous! Getting ready to make my third batch of this! Don’t get rid of this one please