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Candle Review

I tested this at 6% in IGI 4630 wax. This has a very nice hot throw. The scent is sweet, warm and comforting. I’ll say I have to disagree with some of the other reviews saying that this smells sexy — to me it’s like being wrapped into a cozy blanket. It’s all a matter of individual interpretation of course. Nonetheless, this is a great scent and I highly recommend!

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Love it!

I am a NB to cold processing and I’m so glad that I brought this fragrance despite the negative reviews. I have to say that it did not speed up trace and did behave well just as the label states. I will be buying more. Thank you

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This is absolutely yummy! I use it in CP soap and everyone loves it. It is sweet and comforting, unisex and just altogether lovely. The scent lasts well, already ordered another bottle! Highly recommend this one for sure!

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Monica B.
I received this today!

It smells very nice OOB. I can’t wait to soap with it tonight. I hope the fragrance sticks through the curing time. To be on the safe side, I probably should have ordered the 4 oz instead of the 2 oz but I’m excited about using it.

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Very nice

This scent is really nice, its nice and strong so you dont have to use alot, it does discolor to brown in cold process but I put a little titanium dioxide in to start and did a gray swirl, it looks really neat it did not all turn dark brown just some of it so with the swirl it looks kinda cool. Will buy this one again.