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Yummy scent!

I bought the pastilles because I had a hard time chipping off the solid cocoa butter I ordered the last time. someone else wrote, mine came melted into a ball, squishy and leaking from the shipping box. I was sad about that, but what are you going to do when the heat index is over 100°? So, I went ahead and carefully, slowly melted it completely and poured it into two tray molds of tiny hearts. The remaining 6 ounces I poured into tiny color mixing cups, one ounce each. Then I refrigerated until hardened and popped them all out and put them in a zip bag for storage in the refrigerator. Yeah, yeah, it kind of defeated the purpose of ordering in pastilles (which for me was due to ease of use), but I do have it in small portions now. For the positive side, it is an amazing product! I love it. The other cocoa butter solid is also wonderful, but it smells a lot more chocolatey than this one does. That isn't a problem for me and is not why I ordered the pastilles. But nonetheless, it is true. Both products are fantastic additives in my soaps. I appreciate the choice and availability that Bramble Berry provides. Thanks!

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Came Melted in Big Solid Ball

I was a bit disappointed in receiving this item. I am sure its probably not Brambleberry's fault but my package was melted and in a solid ball. It has been really hot lately so it probably melted somewhere along the way in transport. I will still be able to use but not as intended. I will have to chip off the melted block and measure. I was so hoping for an easier way to measure my product and was so excited to see this offered in a pastilles form. I will order again but wait until winter. Lol!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Karen! I'm sorry for that trouble with your Cocoa Butter Pastilles. While the little pellets are so handy to use they definitely can melt in transit now that we're in the warmer summer months. Their quality and how they work will remain the same you'll just have to break it apart as you mentioned. Waiting until the colder months will definitely help with this! For more information check out our Soaping in the Summer Heat blog post.

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These pastille are SO much easier than the deodorized cocoa butter I had been using. I was kind of glad that I ran out of that so I could try these. I melted them slowly with my coconut oil before adding my other oils at room temperature. It was perfect. And easy. I will only be ordering these from now on.

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This product is the bomb! I just wondered what the shelf life is?

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Michelle B
Nice quality

These have a very light scent and that is exactly what I was personally looking for. I did not want it to scent my final product. This is a really affordable version of this product and have used it with great success in body mousse and bath truffles alike. A little seems to go a long way but I will definitely be ordering more.