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Love This Stuff!

This cocoa butter is amazing! I prefer my cocoa butter to not have a strong scent, as I don't like having to compete with it in lip balms. Not only is this cocoa butter easy to use because of the pastille form it comes in, but it doesn't have a strong scent! Win win! I see a lot of reviewers whining about stuff that is very obviously user error. You need to read the description! It tells you all about graininess and all about the faint smell. It's a shame this product has less stars than it should all because some people can't be bothered to do a little reading.

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Gritty in lip balms

I was excited when I got these pastilles, because they were so much easier to measure and handle than the big chunks of cocoa butter. Unfortunately, I discovered they make my lip balms gritty. I have never had this problem before, so I didn't anticipate it. Embarrassed, because I had made a new batch and sent some out to customers, and then I used some myself--gritty, nasty feel. They also do not have the lovely cocoa butter smell. I will not be buying these again. Unfortunately, I still have a lot to use up. Will have to use in soaps, as I don't want the gritty feel in my balms and body products. Very disappointed.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Pamela! I'm sorry you had trouble working with this product. We love the Cocoa Butter Pastilles specifically for their ease of use in measuring and melting those tiny pellets. However, they can get a gritty feeling if they cool too slowly. To get rid of the grittiness, you can temper the butter. To do so, slowly heat the butter to about 100° F and hold this temperature for 45-60 minutes. Once your butter has been tempered, pour it into an airtight container and place into the fridge to cool rapidly. Find out more about tempering in our Soaping in the Summer Heat blog post. While the Cocoa Butter Pastilles do smell faintly of cocoa butter, it is not that strong due to their pellet form. For our strongest smelling cocoa butter check out our Organic Cocoa Butter Cubes.

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Love this stuff

This cocoa butter doesn't have much of a smell but I actually like that. It's really personal preference. As far as the quality of the product goes, I think it's A+! It melts so easily and it performed as desired in my soap. Thank you!!

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Just Fine

I was VERY hesitant to order this after reading the negative reviews but, I was out of cocoa butter and didn't want multiple orders so took a chance and threw it in. It isn't the chunky stuff I've had in the past, but it definitely smells like cocoa butter to me (and my husband) and will work just fine. I make mica lip gloss and like the chocolatey cocoa butter smell. In soap, it makes no difference as the fragrance covers it. If you ever got the chunky back, I would prefer it, but this is just fine.

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Arice Miranda
Cocoa Butter Pellets

I have been putting off writing this. I saw that others had the same complaint and nothing has changed. There are quite a few BB products that have gone down hill in the past couple of years,but these pellets actually have me buying my ingredients from other suppliers now. I even had complaints from my customers who loved the natural cocoa smell in the unscented lotion and Cremeplexion face creme I make who say they miss the smell. I had to explain to them how the product was changed by the supplier and I would not get it again. I'm even paying more in shipping to go elsewhere and get my ingredients due to not just the pellet issue,but fragrance oils not smelling the same when they are reordered, the 25 lbs. of glycerin soap base being of poor quality and leaking all over my soaps (yes I know glycerin soap attracts moisture and beads up,but I ordered it from another source and had no issues like that). It's a real shame, I used to love shopping with BB...

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Arice Miranda! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this product and had to switch suppliers. I completely understand! Our Cocoa Butter does have a very faint scent due to the extra steps taken to make them into the easy-to-melt pellet form. We prefer the ease of use and smoothness of the Cocoa Butter Pellets than other kinds that have a stronger smell but are more difficult to work with. Though, these pellets aren't for everyone, especially those looking for a super strong cocoa scent.